General Questions

What does WompMobile do?

WompMobile converts desktop websites into mobile-friendly websites that are responsive across all mobile platforms. As you update content to your desktop website, the mobile website automatically stays in sync.

Do I need design or coding experience to use WompMobile?

No. Our creative team does all the work. We deliver mobile websites in 14 days or less. Your new mobile website will include your company colors, logo, messaging and overall branding. It’s your dekstop website, just mobile friendly.

In order for your desktop website to know whether it is being accessed by a mobile device, a code snippet (generated at the end of our development process) will need to be put into your desktop website's code. It's easy! Simply cut and paste it in. This code will display the the appropriate website (desktop/mobile) for the device. We are happy to walk you through this step if needed.

Why WompMobile?

Our powerful, patent-pending design engine lets us work fast, build custom mobile websites and pass a savings on to you. WompMobile’s technology also lets us transition your existing branding directly to mobile. Unlike the one-click mobile builders, we believe each company has a unique story and requires a personal touch. Our creative team takes your business seriously and creates a custom solution to convert your website to mobile.

What if my website changes?

WompMobile is completely dynamic. When content changes on your dekstop website, the mobile version updates instantly. Your most current information is always available directly to your mobile customers.

Does WompMobile Provide a Guarantee?

We are so confident that you will be satisfied with your new mobile site that we provide an unconditional 30-day 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. That means, if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your mobile website within thirty (30) days of going live we will refund all payments made.

How do I direct mobile customers to my mobile website?

By pasting one code snippet (provided by Womp) into your desktop website, mobile users will automatically see your new mobile website. It’s easy, and we can walk you through the quick process.

I can see my website on my iPhone/Smartphone, why do I need a dedicated mobile website?

While you can see your website on a smart phone, it is not ideal. Your site was designed for a desktop computer, not the small screen of a phone that many customers are now using to view your website.

Studies show that visitors who access a full website on their mobile phones complain about how much time and data is required to load the site and how hard it is to find the information they need. Most will abandon the site and look for a competitor with a more mobile-friendly website.
A mobile-friendly mobile site from WompMobile can:
  • Make it easier for "On the go" visitors to easily find your business and contact you with one-click calling, one-click email, and instant directions.
  • Increase mobile search engine rankings.
  • Make it easier for your customers to navigate your site on a phone, reducing bounce rates and keep customers on your site longer.
  • Make it easier for mobile customers to read and view content.
  • Give you the advantage over your competitors.

What is better, a responsive website or a dedicated mobile website?

A responsive website automatically adjusts for the customer's screen size. However, responsive websites are more expensive to develop, take longer to load and often create a compromise between the desktop and mobile sites.

Please consider the following differences between responsive and WompMobile:
  • Speed : WompMobile sites will load much faster because we only send down the code files (CSS/JS) that are required for the mobile site, a responsive site will send the same code files to every device.
  • Image Optimization : With responsive websites the same images are served to each user, whether the user is on a 30" high-resolution desktop display or a 3" mobile device; this drastically slows down the mobile experience. With WompMobile images are compressed, re-sized and automatically optimized for each user.
  • SEO : WompMobile sites will rank higher for mobile searches (because it will load faster, and Google recognizes it's a mobile site, Google will rank it higher for mobile searches.)
  • User Experience : WompMobile dedicated mobile sites include buttons instead of text links, touch friendly features, click-to-call buttons, GPS enhanced directions, swipe navigation and many other mobile only features.
  • Cost : Going mobile with WompMobile is much easier and more affordable than adding responsive your desktop site.
  • No Fuss : To activate your mobile website you only need to paste a code snippet, that we provide, in to your desktop site. That's it! We will provide ongoing support and updates as mobile technology changes. And like responsive sites, WompMobile sites allow you update your website in just one place, and keep just one URL. WompMobile really does provide the best of both worlds.

As evidence, almost 100% of the top sites on the Internet (including wikipedia.org, facebook.com, google.com, youtube.com, twitter.com, yahoo.com, amazon.com, apple.com,imdb.com, about.com, nytimes.com, yelp.com, craigslist.org, etc, etc and all the top retailers) have dedicated mobile sites and not responsive sites.

Will search engines like Google see the mobile website as duplicate content?

Your mobile site will never redirect to another URL so you will never be penalized for duplicate content. Other mobile solutions use an "m." before the URL. This "m." sub-domain damages SEO and complicates social sharing. With WompMobile, the same URL is served to every user, just the way Google recommends.

Who do I contact with questions about my mobile website?

For questions, please email WompMobile’s support team support@WompMobile.com or give us call at (360) 329-2653.

Pricing Questions

What does the monthly fee cover?

For one small monthly fee WompMobile will provide everything you need to stay ahead of the mobile revolution:
  • Maintenance : WompMobile will routinely review your mobile site and ensure everything is working as intended.
  • Support : WompMobile provides phone and email support to answer any questions and quickly solve any problems associated with your mobile site.
  • Bug Fixes : WompMobile will fix any bugs on the mobile website for no additional charge.
  • Updates : Small improvements and upgrades will be completed at no additional charge.
  • Future Proofing : The mobile landscape changes constantly as new mobile devices, operating systems and browsers are released. WompMobile will routinely test your website on new devices to ensure it works as intended.
  • Hosting : The mobile website site's JavaScript, CSS and images will be delivered to mobile devices from the closest of 20 different data-centers around the globe. WompMobile integrates with Microsoft's Azure Content Delivery Network to ensure your mobile website is always available and to provide maximum bandwidth for delivering your site to mobile users anywhere on the globe.
  • Automatic Syncing : When content on your desktop website changes, the mobile site will automatically, instantly update too.
  • Achievement Reports : We will review your analytics, provide ongoing conversion rate reports, and implement changes to achieve your business goals.

Is it free to get started?

Once you’ve made the decision to go mobile, our mobile consultants will review your website, answer any questions and provide you with a quote to convert your site for free! If you accept the quote and pay half down, in a couple weeks we’ll deliver you a mobile website. To learn more, visit our Pricing and Features page.

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards.

Technical Questions

What are the technical benefits of WompMobile?

  • The mobile site has the same exact URL as the desktop website.
  • The mobile site automatically and instantly syncs with the desktop website.
  • Images are automatically compressed, optimized and delivered in the correct size for each device's screen.
  • WompMobile sites are faster and more customizable than comparable responsive-only websites.
  • Complete integration with desktop website’s software stack, including CMS, SSL, eCommerce platform, cart, analytics, authentication system, cookies and more
  • WompMobile hosts the mobile assets on a geographically redundant content delivery network.
  • WompMobile’s platform does not increase potential security vulnerabilities.
  • WompMobile’s platform allows fast development of top quality mobile websites.

How does WompMobile work?

WompMobile uses a proprietary, patent-pending platform which allow us to build lightweight, mobile optimized sites.

With WompMobile, no redirect is needed, there are no proxies and no "m." domain names.

With WompMobile, mobile browsers communicate directly with the desktop website, the desktop web site responds exactly as it does now, except that the small script tag (that we provide) is included.

This mobile script tag performs the following:
  • Determines if the user is on a mobile device, if the user is not on a mobile device do nothing, if the user is mobile, continue
  • Check if the user has opted-out of the mobile site, if so do nothing, if not continue.
  • Stop the mobile browser from downloading any JavaScript, CSS, images or other assets designed for the desktop website.
  • Download and inject the mobile optimized JavaScript, CSS and images from the cloud.
  • Optimize the user interface for mobile, replace the images with mobile optimized versions and render the mobile friendly user interface in the browser.
Below is an image to help visualize the process:

Are WompMobile sites secure?

Yes. WompMobile does not use a proxy. Secure content from your servers, and data submitted by your mobile visitors never touches any WompMobile servers.

WompMobile’s “servers” are actually a cloud based Content Delivery Network (CDN). The WompMobile CDN contains no private information from your site or your users

WompMobile’s engine is 100% JavaScript based and runs directly on the mobile device. WompMobile’s JavaScript engine is served from WompMobile’s CDN. Since our CDN has a different domain than your website, mobile phone browsers will not allow our script to leak information. WompMobile would never do anything to compromise the security of your website or your clients. However, if we did have a rogue script that tried to leak information the mobile browser would not allow it.

All modern browsers have a Same-origin policy. The Same-origin policy restricts scripts that originate at another domain from transmitting data. If the WompMobile script attempted to leak your visitor’s information, the phone’s browser will throw a “cross-site scripting” exception and not allow it.

By design, WompMobile’s platform does not increase the attack surface area and does not introduce new potential security vulnerabilities.

Note: While we are developing mobile sites, WompMobile does use a proxy. When you are reviewing your mobile site in our staging environment (before it goes live) the mobile site is not secure.

How will the WompMobile site integrate with my desktop site?

Since WompMobile’s engine is JavaScript based and the mobile device communicates directly with your desktop site, all functions from your desktop website continue to work as intended.
  • Analytics:Mobile traffic appears in your existing reports. Since WompMobile does not use a redirect, all referrer information will remain accurate (this is not true with “m.” sites).
  • Content Management System:You can update your WompMobile site using the same system that you use to update your desktop website. When you change the desktop website’s content (pictures, prices, categories, descriptions, etc.) the mobile site will automatically and instantly update too.
  • Advertising Platform (such as Adsense):Ads from your ad platform will appear on your mobile site, and you will receive revenue when visitors click on them, just like on the desktop site. Many ad platforms allow you to create ad units with ads sized specifically for mobile devices. WompMobile may ask you to log in to your ad platform (or invite us to access your account) and create an ad unit designed for mobile.
  • Cookies:The mobile site uses the same cookies as the desktop site. If a mobile visitor clicks the “Show Full Site” link to opt-out of the mobile site, their cookies stay in place and they will not lose their current session.
  • SSL:The mobile site uses the same SSL Certificate as the desktop site.
  • E-Commerce:The mobile site uses the same eCommerce platform and shopping cart as the desktop site.
  • User Authentication:The mobile uses the same User Authentication system as the desktop site.

What changes do I need to make to the desktop site?

No major changes are required to the desktop site. A small script tag that we provide must be added to the desktop site. The process of adding the script tag is very similar to how you would add a Google Analytics script tag to your site. The WompMobile script tag should be placed just inside the opening <head> tag of the document and it should be on every page of your site. WompMobile’s staff is happy to add the script tag to your site, although we will need the permission and credentials to do so. Adding the script tag normally takes just a couple of minutes.

What happens if I need to update my website?

Any changes to the content on your desktop website will be instantly reflected on your mobile website. Our designers try to import as much as possible using the CSS Selector method described above. However, not everything can be imported using this method. Changes to custom elements such as headers, footers and the primary navigation must be made manually. We will make small changes free of charge, for larger changes such as adding new features or a site redesign we may charge a fee.

Why is having one URL important?

If you're considering launching an m-dot site, stop.

In the early days of the mobile web, mobile-optimized websites redirected to an m-dot site. If you visited WompMobile.com on an iPhone, you would automatically be redirected to m.WompMobile.com.

However, m-dot websites come at a cost, and fortunately now better solutions are available. Here are a few reasons to avoid m-dot domains.
  • M-dot domains are bad for SEO - Google has stated that they prefer a single URL and will punish m-dot domains.
  • M-dot domains are bad for performance - Redirecting to an m-dot can take several seconds. Your visitors will count this against you, time is money.
  • M-dot domains are bad for sharing - If a mobile user shares a link from an m-dot domain with a desktop user, the desktop user will see the mobile site.
  • M-dot domains complicate your site - Every web resource should always live at one URL. It provides simplicity, search-ability and user-friendly behaviour.
Read more here.

How will the mobile site affect my SEO?

WompMobile's platform will dramatically improve your SEO. Starting April 21st 2015, Google is penalizing sites that are not mobile friendly. WompMobile sites are mobile friendly, and score high on Google's mobile usability tests.

Google will recognize that your site has a lightweight mobile version and Google will rank you higher in mobile searches because of this.

WompMobile will also decrease the time it takes for your website to load, and increase your website’s Google PageSpeed Insights score, which will have a positive impact on your SEO.

Does WompMobile have to host the mobile website?

WompMobile must host the mobile site’s assets. WompMobile’s platform is tightly integrated with our CDN. The following WompMobile benefits would not work if the mobile assets were hosted in another location:
  • WompMobile’s platform is engineered to only download the JavaScript and CSS that is required for each specific page. WompMobile’s JavaScript engine must know where to download the mobile site’s JavaScript, CSS and images. Our platform must also know how these assets are organized on the server.
  • WompMobile’s platform will automatically locate, optimize and resize images from your desktop website and place them on our CDN.
  • WompMobile’s development team can easily publish updates, fixes and changes to our CDN.

Can WompMobile handle large volumes of traffic?

Absolutely, our servers are cloud based, geographically redundant, scalable and have very fast Internet connections. It is almost impossible that our service could be interrupted. In the extremely unlikely case that there is a problem with our service, your mobile customers will simply see your desktop site instead of the mobile friendly site.

Our mobile websites do rely on their desktop counterparts to be active. If your desktop website is down, the mobile website we create will be down as well.

What happens if WompMobile's servers go down?

WompMobile integrates with Microsoft and Amazon for our CDN. All files are redundant and stored in over 20 different data centers around the globe. It is VERY unlikely that the CDN will become unresponsive (this has never happened in WompMobile’s history). However, if the CDN does become unresponsive, your site will still be available to mobile users. However, the desktop site will be shown to mobile users instead of the WompMobile site.

Does WompMobile develop sites for both smartphones and tablets?

Yes, WompMobile develops across both smartphone and tablet platforms. However, we primarily provide our clients with smartphone optimized websites. We develop websites for tablets if requested, but because of the typically low traffic volume for tablets we often allocate our resources to converting for smartphone platforms only. As shown in the graph to the left, smartphone web traffic has surpassed both tablet and desktop within the retail hemisphere and the total time spent on any digital platform.

Why are WompMobile sites faster than responsive sites?

Responsive websites send the same content to all devices and use CSS media queries to instruct the device to display content in various ways depending on the screen size.

WompMobile enabled sites deliver different content to different devices. With WompMobile images, CSS and JavaScript designed for desktop visitors is delivered only to desktop visitors. Mobile-specific images, CSS and JavaScript are sent to mobile users. WompMobile sites are often two to three times faster than comparable responsive sites.

WompMobile’s platform is “JavaScript-Adaptive”.

JavaScript Adaptive is Google’s recommended way to make a website mobile friendly.

Can WompMobile work with a responsive site?

Yes. WompMobile's service is JavaScript-Adaptive, which can work in conjunction with a responsive or non-responsive website. Adaptive sites load faster and provide a better user experience than a responsive-only design, which is why JavaScript-Adaptive is Google's recommended configuration . WompMobile has had great success increasing the performance of responsive websites.

Do WompMobile sites require JavaScript?

For the WompMobile site to be shown, the mobile browser must support JavaScript. JavaScript is enabled on over 99% of all smart phones.

If JavaScript is not enabled on the mobile browser, the desktop site will be shown to the mobile user.

Are any DNS changes required?

No domain name or name server changes are required.

Can WompMobile support my site’s complex forms, validation, client side scripts and/or AJAX?

Yes! We have successfully converted very complex user interfaces to mobile.

Can mobile users opt out of the mobile site?

Yes, mobile users can click the “Show Full Site” link (typically placed in the footer of the mobile site) to opt out of the mobile site. Clicking this link will place a cookie on the visitor’s device that will stop the mobile site from displaying. By default, the opt-out cookies last for 5 minutes, however expiration time of the opt-out cookie can easily be customized. You may also place a “View Mobile Site” link on your desktop site that allows any visitor to view the mobile site (we can provide the code for this link).

When a mobile user visits my desktop website will they see the mobile version?

Yes. Mobile visitors to your website will automatically be shown the mobile site. Your mobile website will have a “View Desktop Site” link, if a mobile user clicks this link, a cookie will be placed on the user’s mobile device as they are transfered the desktop website. The cookie will disable the the mobile site for that particular user for 24 hours (we can easily adjust the life span of the cookie if a longer or shorter timespan is desired).

How can I allow WompMobile to validate the effectiveness of my mobile site?

By default, WompMobile does not have access to your analytics data. However, many clients will share their analytics data with us, so we can look for any problems in the mobile site and validate the mobile website is performing well. To share your Google Analytics data with WompMobile:
  1. Log in to your Google Analytics account
  2. Click Admin at the top of any Analytics page.
  3. Under the ACCOUNT column, click User Management.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, under Add permissions for, enter support@Womple.com.
  5. Click Add

That's it! Once this is complete a WompMobile Analytics expert will review your mobile site's performance and provide a report.

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