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The WompMobile Design Engine

Launched in 2010, and continuously upgraded, the WompMobile design platform uniquely converts anything web based into a world-class mobile experience. If it exists online, we can mobilize it. And we can do it quickly.

From an intranet to a company’s invoice processing system, we transform websites into screen-perfect connections, poised for optimal returns.

Mobile without the Rewrite

Instead of scrapping IT infrastructure, we reinvest, using all the same business logic, validation and user flows. We piggyback from your desktop, applying all the same brand assets, to deliver an experience that caters to any screen size. Our approach is seamless and uses your current software stack, including CMS, analytics, marketing and more, without requiring APIs or back-end access.

Beyond Responsive,
Hello Javascript Adaptive

Basic responsive design uses a single code base, delivered to every device, all the time. If left unchecked, the use of heavy, device agnostic code, delivers a poor performance. For example, unused content and design information for the desktop is downloaded, yet unused on a smartphone — acting like an anchor, weighing down its browsing horsepower.

We use JavaScript Adaptive, which delivers device-specific code, resulting in a faster and user-enhanced mobile experience. Our technology compresses JavaScript and CSS into one file and optimizes images, reducing render times and improving performance.

Going mobile has never been easier

Sit back, as we work our magic

We know that change is difficult, especially for companies with legacy infrastructure, where the notion of IT overhauls sends chills. Don’t worry, our solution is pain free and easy to implement. You’ll be reaping the benefits of mobile in no time.

Turnkey Solution

From engineering and design to testing, we handle the entire development process. To launch, all that’s required is pasting in a simple script tag, which we provide.

Single URL

Your mobile site will have the exact same URL as the desktop site, eliminating the need for confusing "" domains or redirects.

Seamless Integration

Our technology integrates seamlessly with your website’s software stack, including CMS, SSL, e-commerce platform, cart, analytics, authentication system, cookies and much more. No APIs or back-end access necessary.

Maintenance Free

Our technology synchronizes the mobile site to the desktop. Any changes made to the desktop – for example, content is updated or a product is added – are automatically reflected to the mobile site.

Everything we build is secure and performance driven

Engineered for Mobile Returns

The rapid evolution of mobile technology – squeezing the web into tighter, smaller spaces – is forcing organizations to remain nimble and to adopt a mobile-first strategy.

Our technology delivers the highest standards of quality, performance and security to ensure measurable, positive outcomes. Each site we engineer is packed with lean architecture, fast-loading pages and poised for higher conversions, more traffic and better user engagement.

Highly Secure

The WompMobile platform does not increase security vulnerabilities. No customer data ever touches our servers, protecting user information from potential risks.

Performance Built
  • WompMobile is a Google-recommended, multi-screen vendo. Our solution is vetted to ensure we adhere to Google’s mobile-design principles.
  • On average, our sites rank higher in search results because they are optimized for fast loading, increasing their page-speed scores.
  • All meta-data, alt-tags, headers and other content that is indexed by search engines is automatically transferred from the desktop site to the mobile site.
Design Best Practices

Mobile design is an exercise in storytelling. We keep sites simple, yet content rich. And we understand that white space is an active element to deliver a salient message. Using mobile-design best practices, we create remarkable experiences that inspire users.

Reliable Service
  • All files and assets are redundant and stored in over 20 different data centers around the globe.
  • If the CDN becomes unresponsive, which is highly unlikely, your site remains available, delivering the desktop version as a backup precaution.
  • Connect any time with our support team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Asset Optimization

Our mobile-asset delivery system ensures devices receive optimized, tailored experiences. How? By delivering mobile-specific content using a highly secure and globally redundant Content Delivery Network.

  • Images are automatically compressed, optimized and delivered in the correct size, depending on a user’s screen.
  • All JavaScript and CSS is minified and compiled using Google's closure compiler.
  • Assets are GZipped and stored on our CDN (we integrate with Microsoft's Azure CDN).
  • Unnecessary images, JS and CSS are prevented from being downloaded to the mobile device, increasing performance.

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