How it Works

A tailor made presentation layer that delivers the wow factor

WompMobile’s AMP Experience Platform is stack agnostic and can be customized to fit any website. The enterprise solution offloads the stress and cost of re-platforming and moves your frontend to the cloud, while synchronizing content with next-generation APIs. Everything is custom built using the AMP Framework to ensure long-term performance, portability and flexibility.

Break up your monolithic stack with a friction-free frontend

The Accelerator is an integrated, modern approach to re-engineer your frontend using the most-performant technologies.

WompMobile integrates will all major platforms and consumes content through data connectors and delivers AMP-compliant APIs. The Experience Platform can be tailor to publish your content to AMP, ensuring portability, cachability and sub-second performance. AMP-compliant pages are used to enhance organic reach and as the data-source of a Progressive Web App.

The Accelerator is tightly coupled with CloudSpeed – a serverless-delivery system that delivers a pre-rendered frontend to end users, across devices. All dynamic, time-sensitive content leverages next-generation APIs to ensure feature parity and real-time functionality.

AMP Experience Platform

Purpose-built for
sub-second speed

The AMP Experience Platform builds, validates, synchronizes and delivers AMP-enabled content to guarantee performance across mobile, desktop and tablet. The platform attaches to any CMS or ecommerce framework using out-of-the box connectors, data exports or APIs.


  • Customized AMP generation
  • Builder to edit, commit, publish, test and review
  • Google closure compiler and JS compression
  • Automatic image-format optimization
  • 24/7 AMP synchronization, monitoring and testing
  • AMP-validation and error monitoring
  • Minimizes, compresses, purges and pre-loads CDNs
  • Flexible caching, webhooks and client-side portal


  • Customizable with data connectors and APIs
  • Sub-second speed for cross-channel distribution
  • UX best practices
  • Client-side portal to manage updates
  • Works with third-party all software
  • Lightweight, portable content for cloud distribution
  • Sensitive data and transactions never touch system
  • Guardrails to prevent speed degradation

Cloud Delivery

CloudSpeed is an enterprise-grade delivery system

CloudSpeed delivers the freedom to scale during high-traffic periods, while increasing reliability and reducing infrastructure costs. It’s the world’s only AMP-ready, serverless-delivery system that ensures instant speed to end users.

  • Optimized cross-channel delivery
  • Relies on Cloudflare, Verizon and Akamai CDNs
  • Server-side rendering
  • Flexible, advanced caching strategies
  • Predictive prefetching
  • Syncs with APIs to purge and preload caches
  • Cloud-based AMP delivery network
  • Server-side rendered AMPs
  • Signed exchanges for branded AMPs
  • Proven scalability and reliability
  • API-driven content delivery

API Driven

Ready-to-Go, Next-Gen APIs

WompMobile provides out-the-box and flexible APIs that transmit database-driven data to a headless frontend. Our system can be easily added to any CMS – with or without existing APIs. We’re the glue between your back-and-frontend experience.

  • Tailored AMP-compliant APIs
  • Syncs with CMS to instantly publish updates
  • Data catch consumes feeds, exports or reports
  • JSON APIs for headless frontend
  • Multi-channel compatible
  • AMP, PWA, native, voice, CRM, PIM, etc.
  • Powered by Node or C#
  • Redundant, auto scaling, secure and fast
  • Containerized for distribution, edits and atomic updates
  • Transactional to capture add-to-cart

AMP Sets Performance Guardrails

AMP is a powerful framework for mobile, desktop and tablet, and for stories, ads and email. It’s a framework – purpose-built for the entire web ecosystem.

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