How it Works

A bolt-on presentation layer that delivers the wow factor

WompMobile’s AMP Experience Platform is stack agnostic and bolts-on to any website. The enterprise solution offloads the stress and cost of re-platforming and moves your frontend to the cloud, while synchronizing content with next-generation APIs. Everything is built using the AMP Framework to ensure long-term performance, portability and flexibility.

Break up your monolithic stack with a friction-free frontend

The Accelerator is an integrated, modern approach to re-engineer your frontend using the most-performant technologies.

WompMobile integrates will all major platforms and consumes content through data connectors and delivers AMP-compliant APIs. The Experience Platform automatically transcodes published content to AMP, ensuring portability, cachability and sub-second performance. AMP-compliant pages are used to enhance organic reach and as the data-source of a Progressive Web App.

The Accelerator is tightly coupled with CloudSpeed – a serverless-delivery system that delivers a pre-rendered frontend to end users, across devices. All dynamic, time-sensitive content leverages next-generation APIs to ensure feature parity and real-time functionality.

AMP Experience Platform

Purpose-built for
sub-second speed

The AMP Experience Platform builds, validates, synchronizes and delivers AMP-enabled content to guarantee performance across mobile, desktop and tablet. The platform attaches to any CMS or ecommerce framework using out-of-the box connectors, data exports or APIs.


  • Automatic AMP generation
  • Builder to edit, commit, publish, test and review
  • Google closure compiler and JS compression
  • Automatic image-format optimization
  • 24/7 AMP synchronization, monitoring and testing
  • AMP-validation and error monitoring
  • Minimizes, compresses, purges and pre-loads CDNs
  • Flexible caching, webhooks and client-side portal


  • Bolts-on with data connectors and APIs
  • Sub-second speed for cross-channel distribution
  • UX best practices
  • Client-side portal to manage updates
  • Works with third-party all software
  • Lightweight, portable content for cloud distribution
  • Sensitive data and transactions never touch system
  • Guardrails to prevent speed degradation

Cloud Delivery

CloudSpeed is an enterprise-grade delivery system

CloudSpeed delivers the freedom to scale during high-traffic periods, while increasing reliability and reducing infrastructure costs. It’s the world’s only AMP-ready, serverless-delivery system that ensures instant speed to end users.

  • Optimized cross-channel delivery
  • Relies on Cloudflare, Verizon and Akamai CDNs
  • Server-side rendering
  • Flexible, advanced caching strategies
  • Predictive prefetching
  • Syncs with APIs to purge and preload caches
  • Cloud-based AMP delivery network
  • Server-side rendered AMPs
  • Signed exchanges for branded AMPs
  • Proven scalability and reliability
  • API-driven content delivery

API Driven

Ready-to-Go, Next-Gen APIs

WompMobile provides out-the-box and flexible APIs that transmit database-driven data to a headless frontend. Our system can be easily added to any CMS – with or without existing APIs. We’re the glue between your back-and-frontend experience.

  • Tailored AMP-compliant APIs
  • Syncs with CMS to instantly publish updates
  • Data catch consumes feeds, exports or reports
  • JSON APIs for headless frontend
  • Multi-channel compatible
  • AMP, PWA, native, voice, CRM, PIM, etc.
  • Powered by Node or C#
  • Redundant, auto scaling, secure and fast
  • Containerized for distribution, edits and atomic updates
  • Transactional to capture add-to-cart

AMP Sets Performance Guardrails

AMP is a powerful framework for mobile, desktop and tablet, and for stories, ads and email. It’s a framework – purpose-built for the entire web ecosystem.

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