AMP on Display This Shopping Season

Adoption of the speed-boosting framework grows among retailers

The AMP framework (formerly called Accelerated Mobile Pages) continues to expand its reach, moving beyond publishers and squarely into ecommerce. And it’s no surprise, as the correlation between page speed and revenue is clear.

In a world where Google and customers reward speed, AMP provides a surefire way to deliver guaranteed performance. In fact, compared to publisher sites – the first vertical to adopt AMP – ecommerce websites are measuring bigger traffic gains.

Results from Perficient Digital Research

AMP for ecommerce is no longer a secret

This holiday season, it’s not hard to find household brands using AMP. Search queries will turn up AMP-enabled results for industry leaders like Bed Bath & Beyond, Zales, BMW, NewEgg, and George at Asda.

You can always spot an AMP listing because of the lightning-bolt icon– a badge that Google places next to SERP listings. The badge is a total SEO carrot that calls out fast-loading pages, which users identify and click on more often.

Below are some AMP for ecommerce examples on display this holiday season.

With Americans confined to their homes, online sales reached a record $10.8 billion on Cyber Monday. The stay-at-home orders further makes slow websites non negotiable, as customers abandon sites taking longer than 3 seconds to load. 

“Cyber Monday continued to dominate the holiday shopping season, becoming the biggest online shopping day in US history, despite early discounts from retailers,”  – Taylor Schreiner, director of Adobe Digital Insights.

Bed Bath & Beyond is another notable brand embracing AMP to gain a competitive edge. 

Final Thoughts

The AMP framework has grown into a powerful, mature technology to build user-first, instant web experiences. And that’s why it’s expanded beyond publishers and is being adopted by retailers, healthcare networks, B2B, nonprofits, and a wide array of industries focused on achieving mobile speed.

The built-in advantages of AMP come at a time  when performance is a fundamental metric to achieving success on the internet. And the premium of speed is only growing, as Google’s Page Experience update is further indication that the search giant will reward faster pages. No other framework, from Angular to React, comes close to the sub-second speeds that AMP delivers. 

WompMobile’s platform manages +80 million AMP pages each day – the largest repository on the market. Over the years, the value of AMP has remained consistent: Better SEO, more organic traffic, and improved user-engagement metrics. Bottom line, AMP delivers measurable ROI. 

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