AMP Pages are 5X more likely to pass Core Web Vitals

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It’s no surprise that AMP pages fare well with Core Web Vitals. In fact, Google announced that 60 percent of AMP domains pass Core Web Vitals, compared to just 12 percent of non-AMP domains.

AMP domains were 5-times more likely to pass than non-AMP, said Google’s Ben Morss during AMPFest.

Since its inception, the AMP framework has been meticulously engineered for sub-second speed. So, it’s no coincidence that AMPs are a surefire way to get in front of Google’s rollout of Page Experience signals, slated to take effect Q1 of 2021.

Solving for Core Web Vitals? Choose AMP.

Core Web Vitals are a subset of performance-focused metrics under the Page Experience umbrella of signals. The three metrics include: Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS).

AMP has built-in solutions to address each metric:

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) measures loading performance and how quickly pages are displayed.

  • AMP pages are built to have less JavaScript and CSS, helping content load quickly
  • Only AMP pages are preloaded and prerendered by the Google Cache – making pages load instantly

First Input Delay (FID) measures interactivity and how fast websites respond to user actions.

  • Less JavaScript mean little time between elements being interactive
  • All JavaScript is loaded Asynchronously
  • Elements below the fold are lazy loaded, so things users can’t see, won’t delay what they can see
  • Process chunking ensures long tasks are split up and don’t lock up the page

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) tracks visual stability as your content is presented to the user.

  • AMP uses a layout system that predefines and declares the size of elements in advance, ensuring there’s never a janky experience

Milliseconds make millions

No longer just for publishers, but for the web at large, AMP is a mature framework to build immersive, fast experiences across devices. And that’s why brands like Bed Bath & Beyond,, BMW, NewEgg and AliExpress have all adopted AMP.

Ecommerce leaders know that speed makes all the difference.

Today’s customers – at home and on their phones – are bombarded with noise, and when making a decision to buy, a frictionless experience is the difference between abandonment and checkout. And the data is clear.

WompMobile and Perficient Digital aggregated performance  across millions of AMP pages and found that ecommerce sites adopting AMP saw a 32.1 percent increase in organic traffic.

We’re global leaders here to help with AMP

The AMP framework is  a clear pathway to meet Google’s Page Experience signals, and the underlying Core Web Vitals metrics. Why? Because AMP validates and guarantees sub-second page loads, and only AMP pages are prefetched in Google SERP results.

With over 70-million AMP pages built, our platform and know-how helps large, complex websites launch feature-rich AMPs.

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