Bed Bath & Beyond Launches Sub-Second Site Speed with WompMobile


Faster page loads


Conversion rate increase


Mobile sales growth

Digital Transformation is Underway at Bed Bath & Beyond

Faced with market disruptions and headwinds from the Covid-19 Pandemic, the retailer has embraced an omni-always growth strategy to meet customers wherever they choose to shop. To elevate the customer experience at every touchpoint, Bed Bath has pivoted digital from a laggard tactic into a strategic asset. From BOPIS and curbside pickup to a faster checkout, Bed Bath & Beyond is undergoing an end-to-end modernization of its technology infrastructure.

“Now we’re connecting our stores with our online platforms, and the power of omni is enabling us to better serve our customers, however they choose to shop. We know omnichannel is the future of retail, and we’re making the right investments that are resonating with our customers.” – Rafeh Masood, Chief Digital Officer, Bed Bath & Beyond.

A core tenet of Bed Bath’s digital transformation is ensuring an always-fast, frictionless experience on mobile. With hand-held devices representing the majority of Bed Bath’s total traffic, delivering an instantaneous page load is no longer a nice to have, but a growth imperative, as customers are won or lost in just seconds.

To solve for speed, Bed Bath launched an AMP-powered, sub-second Progressive Web App (PWA) using WompMobile’s Digital Experience Platform (WompDXP). The optimized website was launched ahead of the 2020 holiday shopping period, and contributed to notable growth.

Building a Holiday-Ready Frontend

The relaunched website combines the speed-boosting advantages of the AMP framework with app-like PWA components, which together create a superior customer experience. Sub-second load times are achieved by optimizing for speed across browsers, CDNs and caches. The result is a headless, API-powered frontend that includes server-side rendering, automatic AMP conversion, and content synchronization.

WompMobile programmatically optimizes Bed Bath’s ecommerce platform, rendering pages that load in less than 1 second, on average. In a competitive market, the advantage of speed makes all the difference, as customers expect and reward a faster experience.

Bed Bath customers are now met with sub-second page loads, smooth transitions, and a mobile experience that feels like a native app. Be it browsing bedsheets, buying bath products, or scheduling same-day curbside pickup, each step in the customer journey is seamless and purpose-built for small screens.

"Not all PWAs are fast. Womp’s PWAs are built with AMP to guarantee nearly instantaneous page loads. The relaunched Bed Bath website proves, yet again, that faster experiences capture more customers.” – Madison Miner, CEO and founder, WompMobile

Mobile Sales Surge

The newly implemented frontend framework was put to test during the 2020 shopping season.

During the 5-day peak of holiday shopping, from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, the mobile website loaded 67% faster. And the supercharged experience contributed to a 33% increase in conversions, and 107% mobile sales growth, compared to the prior year period.

As more companies realize the urgency of digital transformation and the importance of delivering an experience that delights customers – rather than frustrating them – speed will continue to be a retail differentiator.