Bed Bath & Beyond Launches AMP to Speed Up Website

With e-commerce sales growing, AMP delivers a speed advantage for retailers looking to gain an edge

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It’s no secret: Retail is a challenging business, as consumer expectations, technology, and market forces change rapidly. Bed Bath & Beyond is modernizing its technology infrastructure to accommodate customers rushing to buy goods through digital channels. 

In the latest move, Bed Bath & Beyond has launched AMP – a web framework that guarantees instant-loading pages in search results. Loading in less than 1 second, pages discovered across acquisition channels are better equipped to capture customers. 

Page speed is a critical component to any successful digital experience, as 53% of mobile users abandon websites taking more than 3-seconds to load. And with mobile devices now the primary gateway to the web, a focus on performance is critical.

The addition of AMP comes at the right time as Covid-19 is shifting people away from stores and to digital storefronts. More than ever – as the stay-at-home orders continue – ensuring pages are always fast, translates to bottom-line wins.

Applied across all upper-funnel landing pages, AMP provides a performance assurance that no other framework can promise.

Because AMP pages are cached and pre-fetched, when users tap a SERP listing, the ensuing experience is seemingly instant, giving users the performance they demand on small screens. 

Before and After AMP

The speed-boosting effect of AMP can be measured across the various landing pages.

Speed + Personalization Features

Using the latest techniques, AMP delivers full-feature parity. Bed Bath & Beyond is both optimizing for speed, while keeping in place rich functionality, like ratings, real-time pricing, add-to-cart, reviews, and related products. 

Today’s application of AMP maintains the customization and interactive experiences that support a rich, user-friendly website. Retailers don’t have to choose between fast performance and a great experience – AMP delivers both.

Milliseconds make millions

Retailers who successfully pivot and grow online are rewarded. We know this, as WompMobile helps retailers adapt and embrace transformation, bringing to life faster, more immersive websites. With 70-million AMP pages served daily by our platform, we consistently see that milliseconds make millions.