Adaptive Image Resizing – It looks good on you

adaptiveimageresizing copyBig, beautiful images add interest and appeal to any site. Photos are naturally captivating while illustrations are a fun and effective way to convey information. Images can welcome and hook your audience, reinforce your branding and create a professional presence.

However, the growing mobile market does not mesh well with large image files that load slowly on mobile devices. Is the value of captivating imagery outweighed by the value of a super fast site? The average mobile user will leave a page that takes more than three seconds to load. Three seconds! If a user has to wait to see your images, bounce rates will go up and images won’t be able to do their job.

So are images or load times the priority? To borrow a catch phrase from Ford and Coca Cola, “And is better”. With WompMobile’s adaptive image resizing and optimization, we can include even the highest resolution images from your homepage in your mobile site without affecting load times! We store all your images and assets in content delivery networks around the world, ready to be accessed by mobile devices small and large in any region. When a device loads your mobile site, it loads each image in the exact size needed for the device’s screen resolution. The adaptive image loads lightening quick on the widest tablet and the smallest smartphone.


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