Google AMP Boosts Campmor

Campmor is a recreational equipment retailer that was established in Bogota, New Jersey in 1978. They launched their ecommerce site in 1998 and now 75% of its business comes from online traffic. CampMor maintains a blog with how-tos, tips, and ideas for amazing outdoor recreation.  Many shoppers researching the right gear will read blog posts for recommendations and reviews before … Continue reading “Google AMP Boosts Campmor”

Buyer Beware: What You See is Not What You Get with ‘Easy’ Web Solutions

If you’re shopping for a new website or mobile solution, chances are you’ve heard this pitch: “Build a beautiful website in minutes! No code required – just drag and drop to get exactly what you want.” Chances are, if you or your developer is using a simplified templating site with a pitch like this, you’re … Continue reading “Buyer Beware: What You See is Not What You Get with ‘Easy’ Web Solutions”

BreezeCare: MobileFAST Case Study

BreezeCare is an oral health and halitosis treatment company based in Australia, the UK and the USA.  BreezeCare has been battling bad breath since 1997. Key problem / situation facing the business:  BreezeCare had been a longtime WompMobile Mobile Optimized client.  When they rebuilt their site with a responsive design, they found they lost of … Continue reading “BreezeCare: MobileFAST Case Study”

Google Rolls Out AMP, WompMobile Launches AMPFAST

Today, Google finished launching its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project. Google’s AMP Project is the New Fast, delivering content with lightning fast load times in search and apps, while maintaining ad revenue for content providers. Today, WompMobile launched AMPFAST, a service targeted to companies with existing websites who see the value in pushing out critical content to users in … Continue reading “Google Rolls Out AMP, WompMobile Launches AMPFAST”

Internal Invoice Approval System Case Study

WompMobile created a custom mobile friendly solution for the internal invoice approval system for one of the largest philanthropic foundations in America.  The foundation aims  to enhance healthcare, reduce extreme poverty, and expand educational opportunities and access to information technology while providing grants to support initiatives in education and world health and population. Key problem / situation facing … Continue reading “Internal Invoice Approval System Case Study”

Crystal Creek Decor Case Study

Crystal Creek Decor is an ecommerce company that ships specialty home decor products directly from the manufacturer.  Crystal Creek is both an Ebay Top Seller and an Amazon Featured Merchant, but also sells their quality products directly through their website. In October, Crystal Creek decided in invest in their website based sales.  They launched a WompMobile … Continue reading “Crystal Creek Decor Case Study”

Mobile Site Aids Portero in Black Friday Slam Dunk

Portero Black Friday Mobile Case Study Portero is one ecommerce site that is ready for the Black Friday rush.  Are you? Here’s how they did it: Portero, as the leading curated marketplace for authentic pre-owned luxury goods, puts a lot of time into securing the loyalty of high-end consumers and sourcing the best products.   That … Continue reading “Mobile Site Aids Portero in Black Friday Slam Dunk”

Let WompMobile Analyze your Site

A mobile-friendly website is now a business standard, especially in industries that rely on a good Google search rank.  On April 21, 2015, Google implemented changes to their mobile search algorithm to encourage adoption of mobile-friendly web design solutions.  During mobile browsing, 57% of users will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load (Source: Strangeloop Networks) … Continue reading “Let WompMobile Analyze your Site”

Beyond Mobile-Friendly: How to Fully Optimize

Feels good, doesn’t it? But what, exactly, does that even mean? The positive affirmation comes from Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and is pretty simple. A page is eligible for the “mobile-friendly” label if it meets the following criteria as detected by Googlebot: Avoids software that is not common on mobile devices, like Flash Uses text that … Continue reading “Beyond Mobile-Friendly: How to Fully Optimize”

Epic Events brings Outdoor Cinema to Fairhaven

Epic Events is a Summer Movie-Lover’s Treat The staff here at WompMobile has been enjoying the Fairhaven Outdoor Cinema series this summer.  From classics like Dirty Dancing and Grease to new family favorites like How to Train Your Dragon and Big Hero 6, the series is a wonderful community event for all ages. Coming up … Continue reading “Epic Events brings Outdoor Cinema to Fairhaven”