Case Study: TrailCamPro

convert my site to mobile like trail cam pro

TrailCamPro tests and studies scouting cameras for use in capturing animal activity, game hunting and security monitoring. The company founder and CEO is Rich Howell. They sell a variety of scouting cameras that have been tested by a team of experts. 

Problem Facing the Business

TrailCamPro was experiencing slow page load time due to large images and heavy JavaScript and CSS files. Although their site offered an excellent user experience, page speed was considerably slow. Their site scored 63/100 on Google’s PageSpeed test. Users wanting to browse the site and make purchases were finding it difficult due to such slow speeds.



WompMobile was able to help TrailCamPro by offering MobileFast, which was the ideal solution to their problem. MobileFast increased the company’s PageSpeed from 63 to 88. That is a significant improvement in page download time! MobileFast was able to improve their site by:

  • Faster download times because of a single file that combines JavaScript and CSS files into one lightweight file while ensuring everything works as intended. One single file is smaller and loads faster than multiple files.
  • Automatically compressed and optimized images for mobile users, delivering the correct size for each user’s screen .
  • Boosted Google Page Speed Insights score. A score of 65 or higher will rank higher in search results pages, which means more mobile traffic and increased sales for TrailCamPro with a speed of 88.




MobileFast’s unique lightweight single URL JavaScript adaptation allowed TrailCamPro’s site to speed up page load time, optimize and compress images, and combine script files for improved user experience. They saw an increase in page visits due to the higher ranking in Google searches, which means more mobile traffic and sales!