Google AMP Boosts Campmor

campmor google amp solution boosts mobile sales

Campmor is a recreational equipment retailer that was established in Bogota, New Jersey in 1978. They launched their ecommerce site in 1998 and now 75% of its business comes from online traffic.

CampMor maintains a blog with how-tos, tips, and ideas for amazing outdoor recreation.  Many shoppers researching the right gear will read blog posts for recommendations and reviews before purchasing.  CampMor drives conversions by providing solid blog content to potential customers.

Staying Current with AMP

The AMP Project, started by Google, has been working hard to develop a highly optimized method for delivering content to mobile devices. These “Accelerated Mobile Pages” utilize a number of optimization techniques for lightning-fast load times. AMP is a highly specialized way of making super-fast mobile web pages.

To continue generating as much revenue as possible, CampMor recruited WompMobile to build them an AMP compliant version of their site.

Strategy and Solution

WompMobile’s AMPFast solution offers full integration with Campmor’s enterprise inventory system.  The AMP solution also works with the main site’s cart and checkout systems.  Buyers can choose – in real time – from available sizes, colors and options.  The AMP solution does all this while using 90% less data.

 Campmor amp accelerated mobile pages

Campmor amp accelerated mobile pages


Since launching their AMPFast solution, Campmor has experienced:

  • 9% increase in search results page position
  • 43% increase in search results click through rate
  • 21% lower bounce rate.

Watch the AMP site load side by side with the mobile site


Google AMP was first introduced last October, an initiative aimed at dramatically speeding up the web and eliminating sluggish mobile browsing experiences. With 40 percent of users abandoning poor-performing mobile websites in just 3 seconds, Google had motivation to act.

AMP is a light-weight, alternative version of your website that showcases just the essentials. Think of it as a hyper-fast landing page – a gateway – that directs users into the full mobile experience.

Google AMP is now being rolled out – accompanied with a road map of steps to follow – to the entire search universe. And if you’re not delivering a blazing-fast, user-centered mobile journey, Google will likely penalize you.