Google Changes Mobile Ranking, WompMobile Adapts

Breaking news in the mobile and SEO world: Google has changed the way they rank mobile websites. Now, mobile websites with faulty redirects will be ranked lower in Google search results.

What This Means for You
Because we love you and look out for you, we have adapted the way our mobile redirect works. This small but significant change will make your viewers’ mobile experience smoother and help boost your Google search result rankings.

The Change
A faulty redirect occurs when a mobile user navigates (from a search engine, email or another website) to an inside page on your site and is redirected to the home page of the mobile site. An inside page is any page in your site other than the homepage. For example, a mobile user visits a product page ( and is redirected to your mobile home page ( instead of a page containing information about the product of interest. This forces the user to renavigate to the page they wanted to view. Because this interrupts the users’ experience, it is considered poor practice by Google.

WompMobile has always redirected mobile users to the correct inside page, if a mobile version of the inside page exist. However, if a mobile version of the inside page did not exist, mobile users used to be redirected to the mobile home page. WompMobile has recently changed the redirect behavior, now if a mobile version of the inside page does not exist mobile users are not redirected at all and will simply continue to the desktop site’s inside page.


As of June 19th, WompMobile has ensured that mobile users will always see the content they are looking for and no faulty redirects will take place. This change is already in place and requires no action on the part of any WompMobile users.

DirectToHomePage Option
Of course, there are still some situations where it is beneficial to have mobile users always directed to the mobile homepage. If you would prefer that mobile users are always redirected to the mobile homepage, instead of the desktop or mobile inside pages you can use WompMobile’s DirectToHomePage option.  The DirectToHomePage option is set to FALSE by default (as seen in the example below).  You can change the value of the DirectToHomePage option at anytime, the option can be found in the code snippet that is added to your desktop website. However, keep in mind given Google’s recent change, setting DirectToHomePage to TRUE could negatively effect your search result rankings.

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”


How WompMobile determines “if there is a mobile version of the page”

When the developers at WompMobile build a mobile website we will directly include pages from the desktop website, any of the pages we include directly will obviously have a mobile version to show visitors. However, we can also include groups of pages that have a similar URL structure. For example, we might convert a large group of pages that all have /products/ in the URL.

googleWhen a mobile visitor lands on an inside page that matches a URL pattern such as /products/ we will optimize the page for mobile and deliver it to the mobile user. Under the new mobile redirect, if a mobile users lands on an inside page that was not included in the mobile site directly and does match a predefined URL pattern they will be shown the desktop website’s inside page.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the recent change.

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