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WompMobile automatically syncs with the desktop site

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Automatic Syncing

automatic syncing mobile website means easy maintenanceNo one wants to maintain two versions of one website.  Working twice as hard to make two sites look the same?  No thanks.

Mobile optimized sites are now expected in all industries, but many talented web developers simply do not have the time to learn every new mobile design technique and maintain two sites.

Now they don’t have to! WompMobile is completely dynamic. When content changes on your desktop site, the mobile version automatically syncs. Your most current information is always available directly to your mobile customers via top-tier, global content delivery networks.

Businesses and developers can focus on what they do best while Womp does what we do best – sleek mobile optimization. The original site is unchanged (except for a mobile snippet), while the mobile site incorporates the feel of the original and auto syncs with any content updates.

How?  We allow mobile devices to communicate directly with your desktop website.  The mobile snippet we provide performs the following:

How WompMobile Mobile Snippet convert site to mobile

  • Checks if the device is mobile,
  • Checks if the user has opted-out of the mobile site,
  • Stops the page from rendering and the assets (code, images etc) from downloading,
  • Downloads and injects the mobile optimized javascript and CSS from the cloud.


Our javascript engine will then convert site to mobile, replace images with mobile optimized versions and render the mobile friendly page in the browser.

This means that the mobile site is actually using the existing content on your desktop site.  Update your site, update the mobile site.  We have moved beyond the responsive vs. dedicate mobile debate and can offer our clients the best of both worlds.

As technology advances, WompMobile looks forward to keeping people in sync with the best bridge possible between existing businesses and new communication technologies.   It is our hope that, even as mobile devices change, mobile users and business will be able to connect seamlessly with each other.  Businesses will continue to do great business, consumers will continue to seek out goods and services, technology will continue to advance and WompMobile will keep them all in sync.


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