Mobile Must-Have: Lightening Load Times

lightening fast load times when you convert your site to mobile with wompmobile


Lightening Fast Load Times

It’s no secret: Slow load times cause page abandonment.

slowThe average user will abandon a difficult page in seconds; everyone expects a web browsing experience on a phone to be comparable to a desktop or laptop experience.

Not only does a slow site discourage buyers, it will also hurt your Google search ranking.  Back in 2010, Google included a new signal in their search ranking algorithms to detect slow sites and penalize them.

Here’s the secret:

blazinglyfastWompMobile uses a globally redundant, top tier Content Delivery Networks, optimized code and images, adaptive image sizing and smart design to make sure our mobile sites deliver content as quickly as possible.

Our Content Delivery Network is a collection of data centers all over the world.  Each houses the most updated versions of the optimized code and resources for each mobile site.  When a device accesses one of our mobile sites, it can get everything it needs from the nearest data center fast!  Otherwise, it might retrieve a cached, out-of-date version from a nearby server or have head around the world to get the new data from wherever it might be stored.

Our Content Delivery Network enables the fastest load times and also ensures your mobile site loads every time.  Redundant storage and asynchronous replication mean that your mobile site is stored multiple places within each local region and each is updated at different times.  This means that the most updated version will always be available and the site will never go down.  Lightening fast, 24/7, 365.


Our custom development process allows us to tell each page to load only what it needs and not waste time with anything extra, which decreases load times.  In addition, the code and images required by each mobile page are optimized and compressed for fast loading.  Everything you need, nothing you don’t, available now.

Fast Sites are Good for the World

Fast load times will help users find, use and enjoy your site.  A higher Google search rank will increase traffic, a better user experience will increase sales and conversions, and satisfied users will keep coming back and sharing your site with others.

This means that a fast site is great for your bottom line, but it also makes the world a happier place.

happy-girl-baloons-beach“When an interface is faster, you feel good. And ultimately what that comes down to is you feel in control. The web app isn’t controlling me, I’m controlling it. Ultimately that feeling of control translates to happiness in everyone. In order to increase the happiness in the world, we all have to keep working on this.”

Matt Mullenweg

Let’s make the world a better place together.