Mobile Monday: Can you find the mobile restaurant?

If you’re a restaurant you should have a mobile website. That became clear when Google’s research showed that 94% of US smartphone users search for local businesses on their phones. Now what if you are a mobile restaurant? A restaurant on wheels? Or a Taco Truck? Then you definitely should have a mobile website.   … Continue reading “Mobile Monday: Can you find the mobile restaurant?”

Social Media is not complete without mobile

It’s clear that this social media thing is here to stay- in October Facebook gained their one billionth user. Businesses are working to harness social media to connect to and build upon their customer base and moderate their public image. However, many of these progressive businesses are missing one key aspect of this movement- the … Continue reading “Social Media is not complete without mobile”

Why Businesses Need to Go Mobile

As a business owner you’ve probably noticed how attached your customers are to their mobile phones. From texting to surfing the Internet, mobile phones are engrained into our daily lives. And the rise in mobile usage is projected to continue. With mobile web traffic set to increase 2600 percent in four years, you need to … Continue reading “Why Businesses Need to Go Mobile”