AMP for Ecommerce | A retailer’s guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP for Ecommerce: A retailer’s guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages  Simply: Mobile speed equals more money Content on the mobile web is now four times faster, thanks to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). The Google-led initiative, which guarantees a consistently fast and beautiful web experience, is perfect for ecommerce retailers looking to gain an edge with mobile. … Continue reading “AMP for Ecommerce | A retailer’s guide to Accelerated Mobile Pages”

Case Study: Belltown Bride

Dressed for Success In the summer of 2007, Belltown Bride began offering couture gowns to Northwest brides at affordable prices. Owner Melissa O’Neill Albert sources sample designer dresses that are each one of a kind in the region. At first, Belltown drew in brides-to-be with their desktop website and fabulous selection. The Issue Gone are the days when brides-to-be … Continue reading “Case Study: Belltown Bride”

Options to Mobilize Your Website

There are three main options to consider when converting your website to mobile:  Responsive, Proxy-based Adaptive, and Javascript Adaptive. Responsive Solutions Responsive websites send the same content to all devices. Responsive solutions use CSS media queries to respond to different screen sizes by specifying different style rules for different screen sizes. Responsive Advantages Responsive sites … Continue reading “Options to Mobilize Your Website”

Mobile Website of the Week: specialList

SpecialList is an Occupational Networking platform dedicated to empowering people to enter, advance in and even change career paths.  SpecialList seeks to return the best search matches so that users spend time looking at the jobs they want instead of for them. WompMobile took this great service to the next level with a clean, simple mobile site … Continue reading “Mobile Website of the Week: specialList”