WompMobile Official Partner at Google-Hosted AMP Hackathon

Madison Miner, WompMobile CEO, delivers presentation, sharing best practices for building AMP-enabled, ecommerce shopping experiences WompMobile joined forces with Google to lead a New York-based hackathon focused on engineering feature-rich Accelerated Mobile Pages. More than 50 engineers from 20 companies participated in the one-day hackathon, which challenged each team to convert landing pages into valid, … Continue reading “WompMobile Official Partner at Google-Hosted AMP Hackathon”

Mobile Must-Have: Optimized Performance

Optimized Performance Many of these tips for converting a site to mobile also apply to desktop websites and the web in general. However, performance optimization is much more important when developing for mobile because mobile phones typically have less bandwidth and less computing power than their desktop counterparts.  Efficient, responsible design and coding can increase … Continue reading “Mobile Must-Have: Optimized Performance”