Case Study: TrailCamPro

TrailCamPro tests and studies scouting cameras for use in capturing animal activity, game hunting and security monitoring. The company founder and CEO is Rich Howell. They sell a variety of scouting cameras that have been tested by a team of experts.  Problem Facing the Business TrailCamPro was experiencing slow page load time due to large images … Continue reading “Case Study: TrailCamPro”

Case Study: Coffee Break Grooves

Coffee Break Grooves goes Mobile Coffee Break Grooves has been producing high quality backing tracks for musicians since 2010, offering solo instrumentalists the basis for practice, play, and performances. As they expanded their product offerings and lineup, their desktop website was in need of mobilization. Coffee Break Grooves sought out WompMobile to build a high-quality … Continue reading “Case Study: Coffee Break Grooves”

Micro Mobile

  Micro-Moments and the Mobile Journey When it comes to marketing, every moment, connection, and communication effort counts. Consumer behavior is changing all the time, and marketers are constantly searching for ways to keep up with and reach out to their target audience. Moments where we act on a need to learn, do, go, watch … Continue reading “Micro Mobile”

Millennials and the Second Screen

Millennials and their unique media consumption are shifting the way content is delivered and consumed; they are viewing content on more than one screen at a time. Millennials are simultaneously looking at their mobile devices while watching TV, and there is a fight for their attention due to the second screen. If you are targeting Millennials with … Continue reading “Millennials and the Second Screen”

Case Study: Michael C. Fina

“WompMobile proposed a sophisticated solution to mobilizing our complicated eCommerce system, then delivered at a speed and price that put their competitor’s quote to shame.” – Zhoe Garcia, Marketing Manager Michael C. Fina    Busy Brides on the Go From home décor to engagement rings, Michael C. Fina is there for the big moments in life. … Continue reading “Case Study: Michael C. Fina”

Let WompMobile Analyze your Site

A mobile-friendly website is now a business standard, especially in industries that rely on a good Google search rank.  On April 21, 2015, Google implemented changes to their mobile search algorithm to encourage adoption of mobile-friendly web design solutions.  During mobile browsing, 57% of users will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load (Source: Strangeloop Networks) … Continue reading “Let WompMobile Analyze your Site”

Mobile Website of the Week:

The Road to Mobile Success Over the past 15 years has gone from selling second hand motorcycle leathers straight out of founder Paul Thompson’s closet, to a successful family run business providing brand new motorcycle apparel and accessories out of a large factory and showroom. With such an incredible selection of inventory, customers were having … Continue reading “Mobile Website of the Week:”

Case Study: Zip’s Truck Equipment

Hooked on Success As the towing industry leader, Zip’s Truck Equipment is the marketplace for transportation equipment. This growing company provides both leasing and financing programs for new and used towing equipment, wreckers, car carriers, and other heavy duty equipment. In order to better accommodate their customers, Zip’s came to WompMobile to create an optimized mobile … Continue reading “Case Study: Zip’s Truck Equipment”

Beyond Mobile-Friendly: How to Fully Optimize

Feels good, doesn’t it? But what, exactly, does that even mean? The positive affirmation comes from Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and is pretty simple. A page is eligible for the “mobile-friendly” label if it meets the following criteria as detected by Googlebot: Avoids software that is not common on mobile devices, like Flash Uses text that … Continue reading “Beyond Mobile-Friendly: How to Fully Optimize”

Mobile Website of the Week: Authentic Watches

Authentic Watches’ High-End Products Meet a High-End Mobile Solution Authentic Watches is an e-Commerce site that sells authentic designer/high end brands at a discounted cost. As a family-owned business they pride themselves on providing excellent customer service by seeking to treat their customers just as such–family. To give users a more authentic experience, Authentic Watches … Continue reading “Mobile Website of the Week: Authentic Watches”