Case Study: TrailCamPro

TrailCamPro tests and studies scouting cameras for use in capturing animal activity, game hunting and security monitoring. The company founder and CEO is Rich Howell. They sell a variety of scouting cameras that have been tested by a team of experts.  Problem Facing the Business TrailCamPro was experiencing slow page load time due to large images … Continue reading “Case Study: TrailCamPro”

BreezeCare: MobileFAST Case Study

BreezeCare is an oral health and halitosis treatment company based in Australia, the UK and the USA.  BreezeCare has been battling bad breath since 1997. Key problem / situation facing the business:  BreezeCare had been a longtime WompMobile Mobile Optimized client.  When they rebuilt their site with a responsive design, they found they lost of … Continue reading “BreezeCare: MobileFAST Case Study”

Beyond Mobile-Friendly: How to Fully Optimize

Feels good, doesn’t it? But what, exactly, does that even mean? The positive affirmation comes from Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and is pretty simple. A page is eligible for the “mobile-friendly” label if it meets the following criteria as detected by Googlebot: Avoids software that is not common on mobile devices, like Flash Uses text that … Continue reading “Beyond Mobile-Friendly: How to Fully Optimize”

Beyond Mobile-Friendly: The Mobile Website Speed Test

Since Google’s April 21st algorithm update, “mobile-friendly” has been on the minds of website owners around the world. It’s true, Google will give you bonus points for being mobile friendly and your mobile SEO will increase. But what happens when a visitor arrives at your mobile website? Will they have an optimized mobile experience that will … Continue reading “Beyond Mobile-Friendly: The Mobile Website Speed Test”

Mobile Website of the Week: SITA Tours

SITA Tours Will Get You Where You Want To Go SITA Tours is a trusted tour operator that offers getaways to exotic destinations around the world.  Their reputation for quality service and customer care is almost a century in the making.  From the Alps to Zambia, SITA tours knows how to get their clients where they want … Continue reading “Mobile Website of the Week: SITA Tours”

Mobile Must-Have: JavaScript Adaptive Design

Adaptive Design Responsive and JavaScript-adaptive mobile solutions (those that maintain a single URL), are preferred by Google and will increase your search rankings. Adaptive websites are traditionally harder to develop than responsive websites and require a deeper understanding of web technology. It’s well worth it if you can do it; adaptive sites load faster and provide a better user … Continue reading “Mobile Must-Have: JavaScript Adaptive Design”

Mobile Must-Have: Automatic Syncing

Automatic Syncing No one wants to maintain two versions of one website.  Working twice as hard to make two sites look the same?  No thanks. Mobile optimized sites are now expected in all industries, but many talented web developers simply do not have the time to learn every new mobile design technique and maintain two … Continue reading “Mobile Must-Have: Automatic Syncing”