Case Study: TrailCamPro

TrailCamPro tests and studies scouting cameras for use in capturing animal activity, game hunting and security monitoring. The company founder and CEO is Rich Howell. They sell a variety of scouting cameras that have been tested by a team of experts.  Problem Facing the Business TrailCamPro was experiencing slow page load time due to large images … Continue reading “Case Study: TrailCamPro”

Google AMP & The Changing Rules of Mobile Search

We’ve entered into the mobile age of Google AMP The rules of mobile search are changing. Google has spoken, and the search engine giant just announced that its Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP) Project will soon affect all organic searches. While that may not mean anything to you now, it’s only a matter of time … Continue reading “Google AMP & The Changing Rules of Mobile Search”

Adaptive Mobile Websites

While pursuing a mobile solution for your website, it’s important to keep in mind the goal of a mobile-friendly site: the end user. Ultimately an increase in conversions, SEO, and traffic will only happen if your mobile users needs are met. To meet these needs the best mobile platform is required for optimal performance. Cue … Continue reading “Adaptive Mobile Websites”

Case Study: Ashley Deals

Furniture for the future With over 15 years of experience in the retail furniture business, Ashley Deals has been able to keep up in a daunting market where competition is fierce. Coming from the Chicago area in 1998, they began with bid wars for government contracts then eventually opened their doors giving people better prices … Continue reading “Case Study: Ashley Deals”

Case Study: Belltown Bride

Dressed for Success In the summer of 2007, Belltown Bride began offering couture gowns to Northwest brides at affordable prices. Owner Melissa O’Neill Albert sources sample designer dresses that are each one of a kind in the region. At first, Belltown drew in brides-to-be with their desktop website and fabulous selection. The Issue Gone are the days when brides-to-be … Continue reading “Case Study: Belltown Bride”

Case Study: Banquet & Events

Planning for Success is the Seattle and Puget Sound resource for wedding and event planning. B&E publishes two comprehensive directories featuring detailed information for wedding or event planning businesses and services. B&E also hosts the Northwest Event Show, the ultimate destination for “breathe easy planning.” Banquet Events is taking advantage of all our patent … Continue reading “Case Study: Banquet & Events”

Case Study: Perpetual Kid

Perfect for the inner kid in everyone, Perpetual kid gives customers the opportunity to embrace our adolescent habits with their expansive inventory of gag gifts, stocking stuffers, and more.  The Issue Since their business is primarily eCommerce based, their lack of a mobile website was causing them to miss a large segment of customers.  According to … Continue reading “Case Study: Perpetual Kid”

Case Study: Dalys 1895

  Since 1895, Dalys has been committed to providing leading edge fashion, exceptional quality and exclusive products to the discerning customer.  At the turn of the century, brothers Cornelius and John traveled biannually to New York and Europe searching for exciting new fashions to bring to Dalys1895 clients. The Issue Mobile is the fastest growing market … Continue reading “Case Study: Dalys 1895”

Case Study: Happy Valley Tickets

The oldest and most reliable source for wholesale Penn State tickets on the secondary market, Happy Valley Tickets began under the name Hound Dog Tours in 1978.  In January of 2013, the company was rebranded as Happy Valley Tickets. Now run by the son Nick Keesey and Rob Surmick, HVT is still the premier ticket reseller … Continue reading “Case Study: Happy Valley Tickets”

Options to Mobilize Your Website

There are three main options to consider when converting your website to mobile:  Responsive, Proxy-based Adaptive, and Javascript Adaptive. Responsive Solutions Responsive websites send the same content to all devices. Responsive solutions use CSS media queries to respond to different screen sizes by specifying different style rules for different screen sizes. Responsive Advantages Responsive sites … Continue reading “Options to Mobilize Your Website”