Buyer Beware: What You See is Not What You Get with ‘Easy’ Web Solutions

If you’re shopping for a new website or mobile solution, chances are you’ve heard this pitch: “Build a beautiful website in minutes! No code required – just drag and drop to get exactly what you want.” Chances are, if you or your developer is using a simplified templating site with a pitch like this, you’re … Continue reading “Buyer Beware: What You See is Not What You Get with ‘Easy’ Web Solutions”

Case Study: Ashley Deals

Furniture for the future With over 15 years of experience in the retail furniture business, Ashley Deals has been able to keep up in a daunting market where competition is fierce. Coming from the Chicago area in 1998, they began with bid wars for government contracts then eventually opened their doors giving people better prices … Continue reading “Case Study: Ashley Deals”

Case Study: Gutter Pro Enterprises Inc.

One Gutter at a Time Gutter installation can be a long and arduous process. Fortunately Gutter Pro, a family owned and operated business, has 36 years of experience and an esteemed BBB rating of A+. Mentioned on Fox News and multiple other news outlets, Gutter Pro has excellent testimonials and reviews praising their work for the professional … Continue reading “Case Study: Gutter Pro Enterprises Inc.”

Case Study: Pacific Trade Winds

Perfect Paradise Sink your toes into the beautiful white sands while you explore the hidden beaches of Costa Rica with Pacific Trade Winds. Equipped with an excursion for everyone you can zip line through lush forests and wonder at the wealth of biodiversity. Established locally with meticulous details, focused on creating the perfect vacation for … Continue reading “Case Study: Pacific Trade Winds”

Fix your Wix (And Weebly)

Wix and Weebly are two examples of companies that offer low-cost websites to anyone, quickly. A common mistake of small businesses is to take their marketing pitch at face value. A little digging reveals that these “solutions” can actually hurt your business in a lot of ways. Here’s an outline of the pitfalls: Customer will … Continue reading “Fix your Wix (And Weebly)”

Mobile Must-Have: Accessible Features

Touch Friendly Features Tap into the touch screen functionality of mobile devices to optimize the mobile user experience when you convert your site to mobile. Touch Friendly Images Touch friendly image sliders, carousels or rotators are a great way to display hero images, product images and banners (right).  Images can take up a lot of … Continue reading “Mobile Must-Have: Accessible Features”

Mobile Must-Haves: Smarter Links

Smarter Links Unlock your mobile web solution’s full potential with smarter links. Tap into the mobile device’s functionality with specialized links that utilize location based software and built in mobile services.  This will get users to their goals more quickly and with fewer clicks. Rethink your Maps Use the location awareness of the device when applicable. … Continue reading “Mobile Must-Haves: Smarter Links”

Mobile Must-Have: Smart Content

Don’t Dumb it Down While mobile content should be tailored, a good mobile solution must include all the critical functionality of the desktop website.  The point is to enhance the site for the mobile user so that they feel comfortable and in control of their experience, not to limit their options and simplify content to the … Continue reading “Mobile Must-Have: Smart Content”

Mobile Must-Have: Goal Oriented Navigation

Modern, Goal Oriented Navigation Site navigation is the user’s access point to complete any task. Make routine and high priority tasks easy by keeping them obvious and omnipresence. Site navigation should have an intuitive flow and guide users to desired behavior with goal oriented navigation strategies. Guide the User Break the navigation options down into … Continue reading “Mobile Must-Have: Goal Oriented Navigation”

Mobile Must-Have: Tailored Content

Tailored Content A good mobile solution tailors the mobile experience without alienating users.  Cohesive design, uniform branding and shared functionality between desktop and mobile is important.  Familiar surroundings make navigation and use of the site easier, and users more comfortable and trusting.  However, both sites don’t need exactly the same content. Mobile screens are small … Continue reading “Mobile Must-Have: Tailored Content”