Responsive Design Is So … 2013

Mashable dubbed 2013 the year of responsive web design. Good timing, as the consumption of mobile content began an upward trajectory. Pope Francis even got on board, sending out his first tweet. But a lot has changed since then. Today, mobile devices are a fixture of daily life — changing how businesses operate, people connect, … Continue reading “Responsive Design Is So … 2013”

Mobile Website of the Week: SteamSweepers 2.0

Our mobile website of the week, SteamSweepers 2.0, has updated their mobile site to also incorporate tablets and include all the best features that WompMobile has to offer. We recently covered the differences between Responsive and Adaptive mobile solutions.  WompMobile uses a JavaScript Adaptive mobile solution that allows us to create the best mobile sites out … Continue reading “Mobile Website of the Week: SteamSweepers 2.0”

Mobile Must-Have: JavaScript Adaptive Design

Adaptive Design Responsive and JavaScript-adaptive mobile solutions (those that maintain a single URL), are preferred by Google and will increase your search rankings. Adaptive websites are traditionally harder to develop than responsive websites and require a deeper understanding of web technology. It’s well worth it if you can do it; adaptive sites load faster and provide a better user … Continue reading “Mobile Must-Have: JavaScript Adaptive Design”