Responsive Design Is So … 2013

Mashable dubbed 2013 the year of responsive web design. Good timing, as the consumption of mobile content began an upward trajectory. Pope Francis even got on board, sending out his first tweet. But a lot has changed since then. Today, mobile devices are a fixture of daily life — changing how businesses operate, people connect, … Continue reading “Responsive Design Is So … 2013”

Buyer Beware: What You See is Not What You Get with ‘Easy’ Web Solutions

If you’re shopping for a new website or mobile solution, chances are you’ve heard this pitch: “Build a beautiful website in minutes! No code required – just drag and drop to get exactly what you want.” Chances are, if you or your developer is using a simplified templating site with a pitch like this, you’re … Continue reading “Buyer Beware: What You See is Not What You Get with ‘Easy’ Web Solutions”

Micro Mobile

  Micro-Moments and the Mobile Journey When it comes to marketing, every moment, connection, and communication effort counts. Consumer behavior is changing all the time, and marketers are constantly searching for ways to keep up with and reach out to their target audience. Moments where we act on a need to learn, do, go, watch … Continue reading “Micro Mobile”

Let WompMobile Analyze your Site

A mobile-friendly website is now a business standard, especially in industries that rely on a good Google search rank.  On April 21, 2015, Google implemented changes to their mobile search algorithm to encourage adoption of mobile-friendly web design solutions.  During mobile browsing, 57% of users will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load (Source: Strangeloop Networks) … Continue reading “Let WompMobile Analyze your Site”

Case Study: Ashley Deals

Furniture for the future With over 15 years of experience in the retail furniture business, Ashley Deals has been able to keep up in a daunting market where competition is fierce. Coming from the Chicago area in 1998, they began with bid wars for government contracts then eventually opened their doors giving people better prices … Continue reading “Case Study: Ashley Deals”

Case Study: Belltown Bride

Dressed for Success In the summer of 2007, Belltown Bride began offering couture gowns to Northwest brides at affordable prices. Owner Melissa O’Neill Albert sources sample designer dresses that are each one of a kind in the region. At first, Belltown drew in brides-to-be with their desktop website and fabulous selection. The Issue Gone are the days when brides-to-be … Continue reading “Case Study: Belltown Bride”

Case Study: Gutter Pro Enterprises Inc.

One Gutter at a Time Gutter installation can be a long and arduous process. Fortunately Gutter Pro, a family owned and operated business, has 36 years of experience and an esteemed BBB rating of A+. Mentioned on Fox News and multiple other news outlets, Gutter Pro has excellent testimonials and reviews praising their work for the professional … Continue reading “Case Study: Gutter Pro Enterprises Inc.”

Case Study: Pacific Trade Winds

Perfect Paradise Sink your toes into the beautiful white sands while you explore the hidden beaches of Costa Rica with Pacific Trade Winds. Equipped with an excursion for everyone you can zip line through lush forests and wonder at the wealth of biodiversity. Established locally with meticulous details, focused on creating the perfect vacation for … Continue reading “Case Study: Pacific Trade Winds”

Smartphone Users not Downloading Apps

With 1,460,000 Android apps, 1,210,000 Apple apps, and 293,000 Amazon apps currently available it may surprise you to know that smartphone users aren’t downloading them. The latest study from comScore revealed that, in an average month, 66% of US smartphone users don’t download a single app.  For those who do typically download apps every month, … Continue reading “Smartphone Users not Downloading Apps”

2014 Mobile Year in Review

Factoid Fridays 2014 Mobile web traffic overtook desktop traffic in many arenas this year.   Mobile video is exploding, phone sizes are increasing, and wearable mobile devices were at the top of everyone’s Christmas list – 19 million of these devices will soon be shipped!  Here’s a look back at some milestones factoids from 2014.   … Continue reading “2014 Mobile Year in Review”