Buyer Beware: What You See is Not What You Get with ‘Easy’ Web Solutions

If you’re shopping for a new website or mobile solution, chances are you’ve heard this pitch: “Build a beautiful website in minutes! No code required – just drag and drop to get exactly what you want.” Chances are, if you or your developer is using a simplified templating site with a pitch like this, you’re … Continue reading “Buyer Beware: What You See is Not What You Get with ‘Easy’ Web Solutions”

Mobile Must-Have: JavaScript Adaptive Design

Adaptive Design Responsive and JavaScript-adaptive mobile solutions (those that maintain a single URL), are preferred by Google and will increase your search rankings. Adaptive websites are traditionally harder to develop than responsive websites and require a deeper understanding of web technology. It’s well worth it if you can do it; adaptive sites load faster and provide a better user … Continue reading “Mobile Must-Have: JavaScript Adaptive Design”