The Conversion Conundrum: turning searches into customers

Let’s face it, we’re addicted to our mobile phones. Checking Facebook has almost become ritualistic, and browsing the web as you wait in line at Starbucks has become second nature. But how does this fanatical smartphone use actually affect a business’s bottom line? It’s all about conversion rates. Conversion rates is basically a fancy term for how many browsers of your web site use a buying action or become a customer. Mobile users are much more action oriented. Rather than casually browsing they are ready to buy, get directions, or call a business. Mobile now accounts for 25% of e-commerce, so if you’re mobile site is lagging- you’re losing out on valuable business! Let’s check out some mobile features that can optimize your mobile website and increase conversion rates:

WompMobile Click-to-Call mobile search conversion tool

 Click-to-Call: There’s nothing worse than browsing a site on your smartphone and trying to zoom in on the company’s phone number, only to have to meticulously type it in by hand.  Click-to-call resolves this issue by providing an easy to see, “thumb friendly” button on a mobile page that allows the user to call your company at the touch of a button. Companies with click-to-call often see a 22%-25% reduction in website abandonment, and 88% of click-to-call users say they’re more likely to contact a company that offers a click-to-call service- WompMobile has seen our customer’s “click-to-call” buttons used thousands of times per month.


WompMobile location and proximity based tools provide directions and turn searches into customersGet Directions: A great way to get mobile users through your door is to provide turn by turn directions from their current location. Directions are especially important, because 61% of smartphone users make local searches from a device. Making GPS navigation front and center on your mobile website will increase the likelihood that your customer will get in their car and go to your business. If you make it easy, they will come.


WompMobile email feedback forms help turn searches into customersEmail Friendly: A great way to get feedback and initiate contact from customers is with emails, and nothing can sour a customer’s day like a complicated email form. The form should be simple, and offer large clickable boxes to compose a message and supply their email address. Offering an easy way for users to share their questions and concerns (and get answers!) can result in new customer leads and repeat business.


WompMobile uses Get a Quote forms to convert mobile searches into customersGet a Quote: If your company is in the service industry, you know how a request for a quote is a vital first step to capturing potential new business. Mobile customers are looking for pricing info, and want a simple way to request it. In fact, 79% of smartphone users use their phones to help with shopping and 74% make a buying decision as a result. Providing a simple ‘Get A Quote’ form is a great way to capture data from motivated mobile users, and can turn a search into a conversion with the expert help of your sales team.

WompMobile interfaces with Open Table to turn mobile searches into customersMake a Reservation: Restaurant owners understand the importance of increasing reservations. Not only do they allow for better organization within the business, they also guarantee a revenue stream and satisfied customers. Incorporating easy solutions like OpenTable greatly increase conversions of mobile browsers into restaurant patrons. Seeing that 64 percent of smartphone restaurant searchers convert within an hour, having a mobile-friendly reservation tool is a powerful way to make sure it’s your restaurant they reserve a table at. And this is also true of other types of reservations and appointment scheduling tools.

As you can see, the choice is simple. Having an optimal mobile site is easier for the user, which translates to increased conversion rates. Removing roadblocks between you and your mobile customers is a no-brainer- and in this smartphone dependent culture that means a mobile website geared toward conversions.

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