BreezeCare: MobileFAST Case Study

BreezeCare is an oral health and halitosis treatment company based in Australia, the UK and the USA.  BreezeCare has been battling bad breath since 1997.

Key problem / situation facing the business:  BreezeCare had been a longtime WompMobile Mobile Optimized client.  When they rebuilt their site with a responsive design, they found they lost of a load speed.  Their new responsive site offered a great user experience but was only scoring a 51/100 on Google’s PageSpeed test.  Users who were browsing via data or a weak wireless signal were abandoning the site and increasing Breezecare’s bounce rate.

Strategy and Execution: WompMobile set Breezecare up with our Mobile FAST service and increased their PageSpeed score to 92.  Mobile FAST allowed Breezecare to keep their new responsive site but offered all the benefits they used to experience with WompMobile’s Mobile Optimize, including:

Combining all JavaScript files and CSS files in to one file. One single file is smaller and loads faster than multiple files.

Images are automatically compressed and optimized for mobile users, and delivered in the correct size for each user’s screen.

Top Tier Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) delivers the optimized assets from 28 globally located data centers.

A Guaranteed PageSpeed Score of 65 or higher gives them a higher rank in search results pages, which means more mobile traffic.


Key strategic insight or rationale as to what made this case study so successful / remarkable: WompMobile was able to quickly mobilize BreezeCare’s new site, so the lull in speed was as short as possible.  Our flexible Mobile FAST service allowed them to keep their site exactly as it was while offering a lot of the perks they had previously experienced having their site converted to mobile by WompMobile.