Case Study: Dalys 1895


Since 1895, Dalys has been committed to providing leading edge fashion, exceptional quality and exclusive products to the discerning customer.  At the turn of the century, brothers Cornelius and John traveled biannually to New York and Europe searching for exciting new fashions to bring to Dalys1895 clients.

The Issue

Mobile is the fastest growing market for eCommerce companies.  Mobile shoppers statistically buy more than desktop shoppers. Total cart size can range from 35% larger for household items, to 50% larger for health and beauty products.  Google stated that not having a mobile solution was like closing your doors one day a week.  Dalys wanted to tap into this new and expanding market.

The Results

Dalys saw a huge jump in revenue after launching their new mobile solution.  Revenue increased 381.4%.  Mobile shoppers are staying longer and buying more.

The Solution

Easier Shopping

Momemtum scrolling allows users to quickly scan through products while browsing.

Deciding between silver cufflinks with a built-in USB drive and gold cufflinks with custom engraved initials? Mobile shopping has never been easier! Compare products, personalize items, and view sizing charts to get exactly what you need.

Reliable, Secure eCommerce

Dalys uses a single URL, JavaScript adaptive solution to offer their users the best eCommerce experience. Users can switch back and forth between viewing the desktop site and the mobile site on their mobile device and even switch between desktop devices and mobile devices without losing their cart contents, wishlists or login credentials. When a third of online shoppers are mobile only, it’s important for mobile retailers to follow mobile best practices for their check-out process like Dalys1895.

Peerless Performance

Adaptive solutions are fast. They identify the type of device first and serve only the required scripts and assets, nothing extra.

The single URL system also boosts SEO, Google Search Rank, link share-ability and usability. Redirecting users to a dedicated mobile site can harm your SEO by dividing inbound links, authority, keyword ranking and traffic. A uniform URL also makes link sharing easier because all devices can access the site at the same address.


“We were looking for a turn-key solution. One phone call to WompMobile (answered immediately) and in no time we were up and running. Traffic and mobile sales have increased dramatically. WompMobile responds quickly and keeps us on top of any problems we need to fix on our end. Feels like they are an extension of our core team. Strongly recommend.”

– Jocelyn Altman, General Manager Dalys 1895