Case Study: Jones Soda

Flavor Pioneer Tastes Mobile Success

Since they moved their headquarters to the Pacific Northwest in 2000, Jones Soda has been part of Seattle lifestyle and culture. Jones has signed major deals with the Seattle Seahawks and appeared in shows such as The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brian. A pioneer in the beverage industry, Jones is a top choice for those who prefer cane sugar and all natural ingredients to high fructose corn syrup.

Always Innovating

An integral part of Jones’ mystique since its’ introduction in 1999, is the innovative and interactive myJones, which allows consumers to personalize Jones Soda bottles with their own photos.

All Jones labels feature the quirky content sent in by fans, making the product personal and unique.

Jones Soda is a constant innovator in the beverage industry, releasing flavors like Turkey & Gravy, Candy Corn and Jelly Doughnut.

Of course Jones has stayed current with their epresence as well, optimizing their site for mobile to keep up with business trends.

Within the first year of launching their mobile website, they’ve seen a 226% increase in revenue and a 103.6% increase in eCommerce conversions.


The Results

Ecommerce Conversion Rate 103.6% increase
Transactions 127.8% increase
Revenue 226% increase
Average Order Value 43.07% increase
Unique Purchases 107.7% increase

The Solution


The mobile conversion process prioritized the eCommerce section and created easy ways for users to interact with Jones.

The mobile solution features an optimized version of the myJones tool, allowing users to upload photos straight from their mobile device.

Optimized Navigation

The Fly-In Navigation panel allows users to intuitively navigate to any page on the site from any other page – without taking up any valuable real estate.

Momemtum scrolling and expandable lists allow users to quickly scan through categories and products while browsing.

Maximum SEO

Adaptive solutions are fast.  They identify the type of device first and serve only the required scripts and assets, nothing extra.  Faster sites are rewarded by Google.

The single URL system also boosts SEO, Google Search Rank, link share-ability and usability.  Redirecting users to a dedicated mobile site can harm your SEO by dividing inbound links, authority, keyword ranking and traffic.  A uniform URL also makes link sharing easier because all devices can access the site at the same address.

Reliable, Secure Experience

Jones uses a single URL, JavaScript adaptive solution to offer their users the best experience. This allows them to apply their existing SSL certificate to the mobile site – keeping all account data secure.

Speed Matters

Usability is a very important part of the puzzle, but studies have shown time and time again that load speed matters. The slower a site loads, the higher the rate of page abandonment. Jones Soda’s desktop site got a 27/100 for mobile devices on Google’s PageSpeed Insights. With our most recent platform update, Jones Soda’s mobile site now loads at a blazing 79/100, which means higher mobile conversion rates.

“The team at WompMobile is great and the results from our mobile website are amazing.”– Andrew Baumann, Marketing Manager Jones Soda

*Updated July 8, 2015*