Mobile Fast Case Study: Kulshan Brewing

Kulshan Brewing Company is based in Bellingham, Washington. Kulshan was founded in 2012 by David Vitt and is one of the fastest-growing breweries in Whatcom County. They are thriving and growing, now operating two locations. 

Problem Facing the Business

Kulshan’s mobile site wasn’t up to speed. They had a pleasing user experience on mobile, but page download time was sluggish. Heavy script files and large images were slowing things down, creating frustrated users who were abandoning the site. Their score on Google’s PageSpeed test was only 50/100. Kulshan needed faster page load times and enhanced performance on mobile devices.


Strategy and Solution

WompMobile was able to help Kulshan Brewing with their problem by implementing MobileFast. MobileFast boosted their PageSpeed significantly, with a jump in score from 50 to 87.  Now that Kulshan has MobileFast for their site, they experienced:

  • Faster download times because of a single file that combines JavaScript and CSS files into one lightweight file while ensuring everything works as intended. One single file is smaller and loads faster than multiple files.
  • Automatically compressed and optimized images for mobile users, delivering the correct size for each user’s screen from closest of 28 different data-centers around the globe.
  • Boosted Google Page Speed Insights score. A score of 65 or higher will give Kulshan a higher rank in search results, which means more mobile traffic.



WompMobile’s MobileFast single URL solution allowed for quick changes to their site without any interruptions. They experienced a significant boost in page download time resulting in an increase in mobile traffic, higher search rankings in Google searches, and an overall better user experience.