Case Study: Perpetual Kid

Perfect for the inner kid in everyone, Perpetual kid gives customers the opportunity to embrace our adolescent habits with their expansive inventory of gag gifts, stocking stuffers, and more.

 The Issue

Since their business is primarily eCommerce based, their lack of a mobile website was causing them to miss a large segment of customers.  According to Google, not having a mobile optimized site is like closing your shop doors one day a week.

Holidays are the highest grossing period for any toy company and Perpetual Kid was eager to get a mobile solution implemented before the 2014 holiday season.


The Results

After taking their WompMobile solution live, Perpetual Kid saw a 96.88% increase in conversions.  Optimizing their mobile website led to one of the best quarters of the businesses’ history.

The Solution

Easier Shopping

We focused consumer attention on the categories of gifts, upcoming holidays and occasions, and the sales, all so that you can narrow your search instead of bombarding you with thousands of gift ideas.

Momemtum scrolling allows users to quickly scan through products while browsing.

We understand that shopping for family and friends can be one of the most daunting tasks on the holiday to-do list. With the limitless options on the internet and sales going on every weekend we understand that simpler is better. We created a mobile site that anyone can find gifts on without unnecessary pinching and squinting.

Reliable, Secure eCommerce

The Perpetual Kid uses a single URL, JavaScript adaptive solution to offer their users the best eCommerce experience. Users can switch back and forth between viewing the desktop site and the mobile site on their mobile device and even switch between desktop devices and mobile devices without losing their cart contents, wishlists or login credentials. When a third of online shoppers are mobile only, it’s important for mobile retailers to follow mobile best practices for their check-out process like The Perpetual Kid.

Peerless Performance

Adaptive solutions are fast. They identify the type of device first and serve only the required scripts and assets, nothing extra.

The single URL system also boosts SEO, Google Search Rank, link share-ability and usability. Redirecting users to a dedicated mobile site can harm your SEO by dividing inbound links, authority, keyword ranking and traffic. A uniform URL also makes link sharing easier because all devices can access the site at the same address.



“We love our mobile site and WompMobile’s customer service is amazing.”

– Wendy Papula, Co-Founder & Vice President Perpetual Kid