Campmor, an outdoor equipment retailer founded in 1978, partnered with WompMobile to launch a next-generation, high-converting mobile experience that’s incredibly fast, reliable and engaging.

Which products were used?

Mobile Optimize

A world-class mobile experience, optimized for small screens

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Lightning-fast mobile pages that enhance SEO and increase conversions


Frictionless checkout to capture more shoppers at the point of sale

Progressive Web Apps

Combine the discoverability of a website with the feel of a native app

Mobile Optimize

A beautiful mobile experience for outdoor enthusiasts

WompMobile converted Campmor’s desktop website into a stunning, fast-loading mobile experience to enable its customers to easily and quickly head to the outdoors. The mobile site synchronizes with the desktop, is responsive and adaptive, and is central to the company’s growth trajectory.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Bounce rates drop and orders go up

The advent of Google AMP – the ability to deliver a faster, more user-friendly mobile experience – is the latest digital transformation that Campmor has embraced. And when it comes to mobile retail, load speed is the difference between a sale or abandonment. Since implementing AMP, mobile customers are spending more time on site and buying more product.


increase in search CTR


lower bounce rate


Frictionless and pain-free checkout

WompMobile engineered the Payment Request API into the mobile experience. The solution streamlines the checkout flow by eliminating data-entry steps, making the whole process frictionless. When shoppers get to checkout, all the necessary form fields – such as name, credit card, address, etc. – is auto populated and ready to go.


decrease in cart abandonment from the billing-information page

Progressive Web Apps

A next-generation shopping experience

Using Campmor’s AMP pages as the data source, WompMobile built a Progressive Web App – a next-generation experience that combines the discoverability of a website and the silky-smooth functionality of a native app. It’s a website with an app-like user experience, engineered with instant transitions, enabling shoppers to easily navigate from category pages to product listings. The PWA includes offline browsing, add-to-home screen, frictionless payments and AMP-to-AMP navigation.