What to look for at AMP Conf 2019 in Tokyo, Japan

AMP Conf will soon descend on Tokyo, Japan – bringing together a global community of developers and designers, to learn first-hand about the exciting new updates and advances the open-source technology is making.

Launched in 2015, the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project has taken tremendous strides to improve and mature the technology. Just consider the evolution of the Google-led initiative. First, the search giant set out to solve the problem of the slow, sluggish and conversion-killing mobile web. No small task. And today, not only does AMP guarantee instant page loads – along with SEO gains – but AMP pages are indistinguishable from their canonical counterparts. Thanks to a steady roll out of components and features, the technology now provides all the complex functionality – from A/B tests and personalization to robust analytics – that makes AMP a perfect solution for e-commerce and enterprise-level companies looking to gain an edge on mobile.

At the third-annual AMP Conf, April 17-18, presenters will shed light on the next set of priorities and upgrades coming to the technology, along with first-hand experiences and insights.

Here are the three talks we’re most excited about:

1. The glory of amp-script: Unleashing the kraken

This is a biggie. The amp-script component allows for custom JavaScript to operate within AMP documents. While for years, AMP prohibited third-party JavaScript, this new capability will unleash the combination of using custom logic and functionality – think user personalization and segmentation – along with the SEO and speed benefits that AMP delivers. E-commerce retailers that rely on personalization software should be excited about this announcement.

2. Embracing a Mobile First Approach

One of the biggest misconceptions of AMP is that the technology is just for publishers. George.com, a leading clothing brand, owned by ASDA Walmart, will be presenting about their experience using AMP. As the first UK-based retailer to launch the technology, totaling more than 250,000 AMP pages, George should have a telling story about why retailers need to factor in the cost of page-load speed on revenues. With mobile traffic surpassing desktop – and yet with the majority of transactions occurring on desktop –a transformational shift in web development is required. And retailers using AMP are narrowing the conversion-rate delta between mobile and desktop.

3. AMP for Email: pushing the boundaries of email with AMP

In an effort to transform email from static content to dynamic, web-like experiences, Google launched AMP for Email. Pairing AMP speed with the power of email is a revolutionary combination that opens new ways for how users interact with content. Basic messages can now become powerful actions. Users can RSVP for an event, buy products, book a room and experience email in a whole new way. AMP for Email is already supported by Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook and Mail.ru. 

Let’s Meet Up at AMP Conf

As in years past, WompMobile will be attending AMP Conf and would love to meet with you. We’re the world’s largest AMP-development agency with a technology platform that services more than 30-million AMP pages each day. We’d love to share our experience and insight, and learning more about you. Send us a note and let’s grab coffee.