Meeting Healthcare’s Digital Challenge

Digital transformation has swept across every industry and business sector. And healthcare is no exception.

Healthcare has become as much a commodity as it is a service. Patients are consumers, and the digital front door is becoming a “shoppable” experience. Even Google search is accelerating this transformation by driving consumers to specific services and providers, narrowing the gap between supply and demand.

Photo by Matheus Ferrero

The multichannel push with healthcare

Today’s customers are digitally minded, rely on mobile, and expect the patient experience to be fast and transactional. These expectations create urgency for healthcare networks to digitally enable their interactions and provide more accessible, multichannel options. Doing this, networks and providers simplify access and drive success, as patients can engage in their preferred manner, whether it’s through organic search, an online visit, or booking appointments with express clinics.

Possibly, the most potent change is the rise of telehealth. 

The COVID-19 pandemic – and the sweeping stay-at-home orders – has accelerated the need to deliver digital-first services. These include booking same-day appointments and virtual visits where medical professionals can perform quick diagnoses to determine if a patient requires an office visit.

A major benefit of this revolution is digital care is making healthcare both more accessible and more affordable.

Needs change quickly, but transformation takes time

The healthcare industry is dedicated to serving the needs of patients and medical professionals with the end goal of facilitating the best possible health outcome for everyone. But digital innovation is required to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives, and to create more accessible, streamlined healthcare options.

Healthcare providers must offer digital tools in line with what people have become accustomed to, such as social media engagement, seamless information sharing, and near-instantaneous transactions. This also means fully integrating the mobile experience into the healthcare interface and creating a frontend that is fast, nimble, and meets user expectations.

The challenge of creating better digital connections requires the ability to deploy and iterate quickly. And while networks are bringing online new and better tools, most are hamstrung by legacy, monolithic software infrastructure. 

A bolt-on solution to adapt quickly and better connect with patients

WompMobile proudly partners with healthcare groups to provide a bolt-on interface that helps them meet the digital challenge. Here are a few ways we can help:

  1. Optimize what you’ve already built

Our bolt-on frontend is an immediate upgrade to any website, making the UX faster, purpose-built for small screens, optimized for SEO, and creates an app-like experience that caters to today’s patients. In little time, your current website – and all its functionality – behaves like a native app, remains indexable for search, and is guaranteed fast. Simply put, we make customer acquisition – from discovery to booking an appointment – frictionless and lightning fast. 

  1. Replace and jumpstart your provider directories

Most healthcare providers offer directories – a central clearinghouse to find the right providers. Unfortunately, most directories aren’t purpose-built for mobile devices, nor offer the features that users want, like filtering and predictive search. Our ready-to-go directories offer a revamped UI to create a handheld experience that seamlessly connects patients to the right providers. We include filters, map-based search, geo-location, and other meaningful features that make directories an effective gateway to capture patients,  book appointments and optimize provider networks.

We break IT hurdles

Monolithic IT systems – that took years to develop and millions to deploy – prevent the rapid deployment of patient-first experiences. WompMobile breaks those hurdles. Our bolt-on interface was developed in close partnership with leading healthcare organizations, making it a battle-tested solution to modernize the patient experience across all channels. 

Our years of healthcare work  has enabled us to bridge the gaps, providing a ready-to-go solution. We synchronize to existing databases, APIs and backends, and we can deploy to one or all channels. 

  • Attaches to all major CMS and platforms
  • Utilizes existing APIs to sync and publish content
  • Never touches patient data
  • Automatic transcoding and server-side rendering
  • Sets performance guardrails to prevent future slowdown
  • Uses serverless delivery for immediate scale and reliability

We’re proud to play a role in helping transform healthcare. And our technology is making healthcare more digital, more frictionless and more convenient to customers and providers.

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