Mobile Site of the Week: Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism

Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism Converts to Mobile

Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism provides all the latest events and information on what to do and see in Whatcom. From restaurants to seasonal activities, anyone looking for something to do in the area will certainly find it here. Their mobile solution allows for those in need of a quick activity to do to be able to easily navigate to their area of interest on their mobile device.

Fly-in Navigation

The Fly-In Navigation mimics that of the menu tab on the desktop site providing consistent information to the user.  From this menu they can navigate to any page on the site without using any valued real estate.  Space is essential to utilize for mobile websites and fly-in navigation is one way to help with doing just so.

Peerless Performance

Using Google’s recommended Javascript-adaptive mobile technology, Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism’s  mobile search rankings will increase. Adaptive identifies first the type of device being used and only serves the required scripts and assets needed. In addition to better search rankings, adaptive solutions offer lightning fast speeds while also optimizing the user’s experience. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Easy touch-friendly menu

Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism mobile site also offers an easy-to-use touch friendly menu featured prominently in the middle of the page. This menu lets users who are coming to the site with a general idea in mind to have a quick experience without having to search and scroll to find the needed information.

Providing those curious about the area with a mobile experience allows for an increase in tourism as they now have an additional platform that they can easily navigate to browse and explore all the wonders Whatcom County has to offer.