Mobile Website of the Week: Authentic Watches

Authentic Watches’ High-End Products Meet a High-End Mobile Solution

Authentic Watches is an e-Commerce site that sells authentic designer/high end brands at a discounted cost. As a family-owned business they pride themselves on providing excellent customer service by seeking to treat their customers just as such–family. To give users a more authentic experience, Authentic Watches sought to provide a mobile-friendly website to their customers. As high-quality service and products are at the forefront of their minds, they came to WompMobile to provide a solution.


Search Bar

The search bar featured prominently at the top left of the page provides the ability for customers to enter and find the product they are searching for within a matter of seconds. Mobile customers typically come to websites to find specific information and to find it fast. Authentic Watches is able to effortlessly deliver a fast, easy shopping experience with our adaptive solution. Adaptive offers a fast, peerless performance by first identifying the type of device and serving only the required scripts and assets, bypassing the unneeded information.


Secure Shopping

Selling luxury requires a secure shopping experience. Customers can be assured that Authentic Watches offers just that. By using a single URL, the mobile site will never redirect, ensuring a secure shopping experience. In addition, a single URL will boost SEO and Google Search Rank making it easy for customers to find their website on mobile. Customers can trust that their watches are authentic and that their personal information is secure.


Fast Solution

The single URL also provides a fast mobile experience because it doesn’t redirect. When compared to responsive, Adaptive loads 40.2% faster. This is what mobile users are looking for–a fast loading site to give them the information they need. It’s apparent that mobile users hold speed to a high regard as 85% of users expect mobile pages to load as fast as or faster than they do on a desktop. A fast loading mobile site is imperative.

With the  features listed above as well as other mobile-only features added Authentic Watches is able to provide the most optimal experience for their customers. High-end products deserve high-quality service which Authentic Watches continuously provides for their customers and their mobile-friendly solution helps them in doing just so.