Mobile Website of the Week:

The Road to Mobile Success

Over the past 15 years has gone from selling second hand motorcycle leathers straight out of founder Paul Thompson’s closet, to a successful family run business providing brand new motorcycle apparel and accessories out of a large factory and showroom. With such an incredible selection of inventory, customers were having great difficulties navigating through the products with their mobile phones, which led them to WompMobile.


Touch Friendly’s touch friendly image sliders help to show customers the great deals they have to offer, without having to search all over the website for them. This image slider confines images to a controlled space without using up any valued real estate, which is essential for and their immense amount of inventory. Another feature provided by is their touch friendly scrolling, which is a must have in order to avoid user frustrations. Allowing a page to move freely not only frustrates the user, but will cause them to abandon the page completely. Our touch friendly scrolling has been restricted to straight up and down which will help users feel more in-control ad able to see everything provided by 


Lightning Fast Load

When on the go, users expect lightning fast load times on their mobile devices while web browsing. If it takes more than 3 seconds for a website to load on mobile devices, approximately 57% of users will abandon the page (Source: Strangeloop Networks). This is why WompMobile uses a top tier Content Delivery Network to ensure that every one of our mobile sites deliver content as quickly as possible, reducing website abandonment. Not only will a fast load time benefit the user, it will also place higher in Google’s search rankings, ultimately increasing traffic, sales, and conversions.