Mobile Website of the Week: RMZD

RMZD Converts Their Site to Mobile Friendly

Founded by Robert Reeves in 1980, Reeves Miller Zhang & Diza (RMZD) have always exclusively focused on US immigration and nationality laws, and are committed to providing legal services to those businesses and individuals facing complications with immigrating into the United States. RMZD is known for their outstanding commitment to clients, so providing a mobile-friendly website for their clients was a must.


Fly-in Navigation

The fly-in navigation feature allows clients to easily browse through the categories of services offered by RMZD. Featured in the same order as shown on their desktop site, users are able to quickly find the exact service they need. From this feature clients can navigate to any page on the site without using any valued real estate, which is essential to utilize for for a mobile-friendly site. An easily accessible search feature has also been placed at the top of the fly-in navigation, so that clients can quickly find exactly what they are looking for without having to search through the entire website to find it.


Smarter Links

RMZD’s new mobile-friendly site provides a quick and easy way for clients to find and contact them using our smarter links. These links are conveniently placed at the top of the home page in order for clients to contact the company without the frustration of searching all over their website for this  essential information. The “Find Us” feature allows clients to locate RMZD’s four locations in Google Maps with just one click, providing a faster and easier process for getting directions to the company. Another smart link, “Click to Call” allows clients to immediately call RMZD from their mobile phones with just one simple click. This feature is much more beneficial than trying to zoom in on the company’s phone number and manually entering the phone number by hand.