Mobile Website of the Week: Banquet Events

B&E’s Mobile Site is as Easy to Use as Their Go-To Event Planning Guides is the Seattle and Puget Sound resource for wedding and event planning. B&E publishes two comprehensive directories featuring detailed information for wedding or event planning businesses and services. B&E also hosts the Northwest Event Show, the ultimate destination for “breathe easy planning.”

Banquet Events, our featured mobile site of the week, is taking advantage of all our patent pending platform has to offer.

SEO Benefits

B&E mobile uses a single URL solution that completely maximizes their search engine optimization.

A dedicated mobile site redirects users to a separate site.  Indexing both sites requires twice as much work for Google’s indexing tools and twice as much storage. This increases Google’s operating expenses and they will penalize you by decreasing your search rank.

All your inbound links, authority, keyword ranking and traffic will be split between the two sites.  You’re essentially you are competing with yourself.  With a single URL you create synergy – all SEO builds up in once place and gives you a better Google search ranking.

User Experience

Mobile users can easily find everything they need without pinching, zooming, scrolling or other finger acrobatics.  In fact, every option available to users is tappable right on the home screen!

Once at the site, a mobile user can navigate to any one of the three sites maintained by B&E, view available products, contact B&E or learn more about the company with a single tap!  All these options are also contained in a convenient slide-out menu that is available on every page – the furthest away a user is from anything on the site is two clicks.

Automatic Syncing

All changes B&E makes to any of their four sites are instantly and automatically incorporated into the mobile sites.  This makes their mobile solution totally maintenance free!  New content, images and even whole pages will become automatically available in the mobile versions.

Fast Load Times

Our custom development process allows us to tell each page to load only what it needs and not waste time with anything extra, which speeds up load times.  In addition, the code and images required by each mobile page are optimized and compressed for fast loading.  B&E has access to our top tier mobile servers which and very fast and incredibly reliable all over the world.

Custom Design and Branding

B&E is a recognizable and attractive brand.  The mobile sites use the same branding and eye-catching design features as the desktop site.  Each of their mobile sites is uniquely theirs while maintain their own unique flavor.

 Make your site mobile with WompMobile like to get the same perks!


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