Mobile Website of the Week: Happy Valley Tickets

Happy Valley Tickets Launches Secure Mobile Site

While the eCommerce landscape is constantly evolving – one statistic remains the same.  Tickets have always been one of the most frequently purchased items on mobile devices.  ComScore found tickets sales accounted for 35% of all mobile purchases in 2012 and there has been a steady increase in the last year and a half.  One company saw a 221% increase in the number of tickets purchased on mobile devices, while almost 50% of sales for another company come from mobile.

Happy Valley Tickets is taking advantage of this market trend.  They have decided to make their site mobile to make sure all their online customer get the best experience possible.  Happy Valley has kept up with what sports fans value when making ticket purchases since 1978.  As the oldest and most reliable source for wholesale Penn State tickets on the secondary market, it’s no surprise that Happy Valley Tickets is now offering the most accessible and secure mobile site to their smartphone wielding customers.

Interactive Mobile Seat Selection


Happy Valley’s mobile solution allows customers to select the seating area they want and view only tickets in that area.  The touch friendly seating charts make it easy to select and deselect desired areas on a smartphone touch-screen.  Once a user has select their desired seating locations, they can further refine their search by price, ticket type and the number of seats together.

With just a few taps of the finger, customers can find their perfect ticket in seconds!

Secure Mobile Checkout

Happy Valley Tickets offers their mobile customers the same, secure checkout system as their desktop users.  Because they use a single URL mobile solution, mobile users and desktop users enjoy separate, custom experiences but can access the all the same information, features and checkout system.  Happy Valley doesn’t need to purchase a secondary SSL certificate or worry about their mobile security at all!

The single URL also provides automatic content synchronization.  Happy Valley only has to manage their original site and the mobile site immediately imports changes.  Using one URL is also the best mobile strategy for improving SEO.

Accessible Interface

Happy Valley Tickets uses a clean, straightforward interface that maintains the familiar branding of their original site.  The slide-out search and menu functions ensure that, no matter what a user is looking for, all content is just a click away.

The omnipresent search allows users to look for teams, events, venues, locations, artists, shows…  and offers an auto-complete function to show all matching events as the user types in their query.  This saves the user time and energy.

The click to call button is a must-have whenever you convert a website to mobile.  Mobile users can immediately get in contact with Happy Valley Tickets.



It’s been a pleasure working with Happy Valley Tickets.  Combining Happy Valley’s dedication to providing the highest quality service at the best prices with WompMobile’s cutting edge mobile user experience?  That’s the ticket!


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