Mobile Website of the Week: Pacific Trade Winds

Pacific Trade Winds makes their Site Mobile Friendly

Do you find yourself daydreaming about riding white water rapids through the jungle?  Do you long to swim with sea turtles or fly through the canopy on a zip-line tour?  Would you rather be relaxing on a pristine beach accessible only by boat?

Pacific Trade Winds makes it easy to turn these fantasies into reality!  Their years of experience and dedication to quality mean you get the best deals on your dream vacation and can truly relax during your visit.

Because Pacific Trade Winds staff live and work in Costa Rica, they know all the best kept secrets and best places to avoid.  Not sure exactly what you’d like to do and see?  Tell them your interests and they set up the perfect tour just for you!  Their partners must adhere to the highest safety standards to make sure even the most white-knuckle adrenaline ride activities are totally safe.

Pacific Trade Winds makes it easy to plan the perfect vacation without unpleasant surprises – and now their mobile site makes it even easier!

Touch Friendly Buttons

Costa Rica is a beautiful destination. Pacific Trade Winds’ mobile users enjoy big, touch-friendly buttons with fantastic photos of the country.
The large format buttons make it easy for users to find what their looking for.

Calls to Action

Ever find yourself on a site for a specific purpose and become frustrated when you couldn’t find a way to complete your task?

Pacific Trade Winds’ mobile site uses obvious (but not obnoxious) calls to action for users who are looking to plan a trip today.

The click-to-call button and quick message button in the header make it easy for mobile users to quickly get in touch with Pacific Trade Winds.  A click to call button is a must when you make a site mobile.

Easy to Use Forms

There’s nothing more aggravating than trying to use a poorly optimized form on your phone.

Pacific Trade Winds uses simple layouts, large buttons, and gorgeous images to make filling out forms a breeze (a fresh, tropical breeze).

The Best Mobile SEO

Pacific Trade Winds enjoys a single URL, Javascript adaptive solution.  Too much tech talk?  This means the mobile site and desktop site share the same web address.

Because Google prefers this they’ll get a higher search rank.  Their search engine optimization will also be improved because all links, all traffic, all keywork clout etc. will effect one URL instead of being split between two sites.

If you make a site mobile at a separate URL you risk harming your SEO.

Easy Maintenance

Pacific Trade Winds’ mobile site automatically syncs with their desktop site.  They can add new tours, update photos, dynamically offer availability for reservation by maintaining only one site!

Their mobile site is also protected by personal, 24 hour support and future proofing.  Their mobile site will be updated to match new devices, browsers and technology.

It’s been a pleasure doing business with Pacific Trade Winds!


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