Mobile Website of the Week: The Purple Store

Offering More Than Just the Color Purple, The Purple Store Now Provides a Mobile Website For Customers

For those who love the color purple, The Purple Store meets their every need. From household items to makeup, The Purple Store provides customers with the ability to buy a wide range of products in various categories in the color purple. There was however one need The Purple Store was not meeting for their customers: a mobile-friendly website. After contacting WompMobile, their problem was solved. They now provide customers with the most optimal experience they can via mobile.

Easy Navigation

The Fly-in Navigation allows customers to easily browse the various categories of purple products. Featured in the same order as shown on the website, customers are able to quickly find the category they need.  A drop down menu featuring the range of categories was also added in the middle of the page for a quicker and easier experience as customers are now able to access these categories without having to scroll through the entire fly-in navigation menu.

Secure Shopping

Using a single URL, JavaScript-adaptive solution, The Purple Store offers secure shopping experience for their customers on any device. As purchases on mobile phones are expected to amount to 20.49 billion by the end of this year, having a secure shopping network for mobile devices is imperative. This single URL not only provides a secure shopping experience but it boosts SEO and Google Search Rank as well.

Easily Accessible Search Feature

The search feature is optimized and placed in a prominent position at the top of the page to give users who already know the product they’re looking for a quick and painless shopping experience. Rather than having to search through the fly-in navigation or the drop down menu they can type their product into the search bar and be shown it instantaneously.

With pictures sized to fit the customers screen and products available at the click or a swipe of a finger buying something purple has never been so easy! For any e-commerce site increasing conversions is always a goal, with the user accessibility The Purple Store provides increases in conversions are bound to occur!