Campmor decreases cart abandonment 65% using Payment Request API

Entering into a checkout funnel on mobile is often a cumbersome, slow and frustrating process. And while mobile traffic has surpassed desktop, conversions only account for about a third of all completed purchases. In other words, mobile shoppers abandon mobile checkout twice as often as desktop. The main culprit for mobile abandonment is user-intensive, multi-step and slow-to-load checkout sequences. With Payment Request, a couple of taps is all it takes to checkout. It's that simple.


decrease in checkout cart abandonment


increase in completed checkouts


WompMobile engineered the Payment Request API for Campmor, streamlining the checkout flow by eliminating data-entry steps, making the whole process frictionless. When shoppers get to Campmor’s checkout, all the necessary form fields – such as name, credit card, address, etc. – is auto populated and ready to go.


WompMobile compared the average exit rate (i.e. number of exits / number of page views) between the standard checkout sequence and when the Payment Request interface was shown to shoppers to determine the percent difference in cart abandonment. Over a two-month period, Payment Request decreased cart abandonment by 65 percent and increased checkout completion within a single session by 10 percent – a significant boon to the bottom line.

Get started with Payment Request API

We engineer one-click checkout flows, eliminating the need to fill out tedious forms. Using the Payment Request API – an interface that auto populates user and billing information – mobile shopping just got easier. Find out more about how WompMobile can help you maximize conversions at the point of sale.

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