A powerful transcoding engine

From ecommerce sites to invoice processing systems, we can convert any website into a screen-perfect mobile experience. Plus, instead of ditching your IT infrastructure, we capture all your business logic, validation and user flows. The WompMobile Platform uses built-in CSS selectors to transcode your desktop into a world-class, responsive site. Our technology is seamless and uses your software stack, including CMS, analytics, marketing and more, without requiring APIs or back-end access.

Adapt and win with mobile

Our technology delivers the highest standards of quality, performance and security to ensure measurable, positive outcomes. Each site we engineer is packed with lean architecture, fast-loading pages and built for higher conversions, more traffic and better user engagement.

  • Secure

    No customer data ever touches our servers, protecting user information from potential risks.

  • No downtime

    All files and assets are redundant and stored in over 20 different data centers around the globe.

  • Best practices

    Using mobile-design best practices, we create remarkable experiences that inspire users and shoppers.

  • Seamless

    Our technology integrates seamlessly with your software stack, including CMS, SSL, e-commerce platform, cart, analytics, authentication system, cookies and much more. No APIs or back-end access necessary.

  • Turnkey

    From engineering and design to testing, we handle the entire development process. To launch, all that’s required is pasting in a simple script tag, which we provide.

  • Synchronization

    We synchronize the mobile site to the desktop. Any changes made to the desktop – for example, content is updated or a product is added – are automatically reflected to the mobile site.

Mobile optimization

Adaptive mobile without a rewrite

Basic responsive design uses a single code base, delivered to every device, all the time. If left unchecked, the delivery of heavy, device agnostic code, results in a poor performance.

We use JavaScript Adaptive, which delivers device-specific code, resulting in a faster and user-enhanced mobile experience. It's responsive, just way better.

Sit back, as we work our magic

Our mobile-asset delivery system ensures devices receive optimized, fast-loading and tailored experiences. How? By delivering mobile-specific content using a highly secure, globally redundant Content Delivery Network.

  • 1. Access Desktop

    Mobile device accesses desktop site HTML with mobile tag.

  • 2. Download

    Mobile tag tells device to download light, mobile optimized scripts, styles and images from nearest CDN data center.

  • 3. Site Displayed

    The desktop site is displayed with mobile optimized style, dynamically resized images, and touch friendly features.

  • Single URL

    Mobile site will have the same URL as the desktop, eliminating confusing "m.dot" domains or redirects

  • Light weight

    Images are automatically compressed and optimized

  • Synchronization

    The desktop stays the same and any changes are automatically reflected to mobile

  • One file

    All JavaScript and CSS is minified and compiled using Google's closure compiler

  • Cloud based

    Assets are GZipped and stored on our CDN (we integrate with Microsoft's Azure CDN)

  • Mobile specific

    Unnecessary images, JS and CSS are prevented from being downloaded to the mobile device, increasing performance.

AMP platform

The world's #1 Google AMP Converter platform

Our technology converts complex, e-commerce websites into fast-loading, stunning Accelerated Mobile Pages. With millions of Google AMP pages under our belt, we’re the world’s most trusted technology partner. If your mobile traffic is surging, but conversions lag behind, our solution is perfect. No site it too complex or too big for our platform. WompMobile's Google AMP converter is totally agnostic and works with any CMS, platform or backend.

Cloud-based Google AMP transcoding engine

From one location we engineer, launch and maintain Google AMP pages. Using our proprietary AMP converter platform, we create AMP templates, which are auto-transcoded into valid AMPs and pushed to the Google cache to be indexed. For example, once a product template is complete, our system transcodes all corresponding product SKUs, creating individual AMP pages with the correct pricing, descriptions, images and functionality for a lightning-fast shopping experience.

1. Virtual machine transcoder

Platform downloads web pages and transcodes them to AMP and pushes them to CDN

2. Delivery

Mobile users download AMP pages from CDN

3. Secure

User's information is sent directly to client's website

Google AMP for ecommerce is our specialty

Our AMPs are brand aligned – they mirror the look and feel of the main site – and maintain rich, e-commerce functionality to capture users into checkout. From real-time pricing and security to checkout, our platform provides full integration with your enterprise inventory system. Our Google AMP converter does all the work.

  • Turnkey solution

    We’re a full-service partner that requires little-to-no-effort or new IT infrastructure on your side

  • Futureproof

    System performs ongoing upgrades to ensure AMP pages feature that latest components

  • Synchronization

    AMPs remain automatically in sync with the canonical

  • Feature rich

    Maintain core ecommerce functionality, including real-time pricing, cart integration, related products and much more

  • High volume

    We don’t care if you have 10 products or 300,000, our system does all the work

  • No guesswork

    Platform creates valid AMPs that adhere to Google Structured Data