PWA + AMP: How the Mobile Web is Finally Exceeding User Expectations

At AMP Conf 2018, WompMobile CEO discusses how a quality user experience leads to revenue growth on mobile

Madison Miner, CEO of WompMobile, recently sat down with Google to share his experiences building Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Apps and how both technologies engage customers across the shopping journey.

“Thanks to the latest components, AMP pages have feature parity, offering the same functionality as responsive sites. It’s also no surprise that AMP and PWA deliver strong ROI, as customers appreciate quality, brand experiences,” said Madison.

“For the first time, brands can harness the power of the mobile web and guarantee their customers are met with an elegant, fast and easy-to-use experience.”

WompMobile is a technology platform that converts websites to Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Apps. The platform services more than 8 million AMP pages every day, making it the most trusted AMP + PWA conversion software in the world.